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  1. Hi Guys, I'm considering selling my Lupo GTi. I Imported this 2005, 6 Speed Lupo Gti myself from Japan early last year after searching for quiet awhile, as a result of living its life in Japan the car is very clean and the underside is practically like new. In my ownership I quickly set about tiding up and upgrading it leaving the car wanting for nothing. NCT : 06/20 Mileage : 157000 Km Bodywork is virtually unmarked, barely even any stone chips, no door dings or scratches. I'm fussy and to be honest the car may aswel have driven out of the showroom, the only point worth
  2. This would bring me upto recently and the most recent photowhoring of the car, have a few more plans in mind so will be on here a bit more for some advice.
  3. Hey guys, thought I'd add my Lupo into these journals, this will be taken from another site so the timeline may get skewed This basically started when I left a deposit with a Japanese importer a couple of years ago with the idea of bringing something over, however things kept popping up and I'd kind of forgotten about it. I've been in the mind of getting second car for awhile, basically just something to toy around with and drive on the weekends. I was initially on the search for an e46 M3 which brought me back to my deposit. I was just about to ask for it back when i saw this car pop up,
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