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  1. This was all in aid of going to Volksfling last weekend, so here's some shots of us loaded up leaving from my house in Beauly, to Edinburgh. Then some shots of the show itself, some really amazing cars there of all styles. Needless to say i'm in love with air cooled buses. Everything got a good solid clean at my parents in Edinburgh before the show!
  2. Got a few things done to the car recently, just small bits but still - it makes a difference. The main thing was to tidy up the small screws and bolts around the car that were rusting fairly badly. Namely the arch liner screws and the slam panel bolts. Before: After: I picked up these from Banggood - £6 for the bag of 20, dare i say it by the weight and appearance they are actually stainless too. I also removed this bracket and gave it a quick dusting of satin black paint. At some stage i'll likely get all these brackets off and powder coat them, but for now here's a before and after Chucked on some new VW wiper blades too - i use RainX too and forgive the phrase but it gives the best wipe ever.💩 Final result (still need to tidy up some brackets, and actually clean) with some heavy use of silicon spray
  3. Cheers, i think i'll keep it but likely have plans to have a cat welded in and perhaps a small centre silencer. It does look really well made though, can't say the same for the original one i have in the shed.
  4. Looks amazing, i was straight on to messaging them after you told me about it. Fingers crossed they are open to making more...
  5. dougie1142

    GTI Upgrades

    @LR5V Just read the entire thread, it provides some really great ideas. A few frustrations, especially the rust (your pics aren't working..). I hope you overcome them, i'm down in Edinburgh quite a lot, would be good to catch up. My lupo was at Volksfling last weekend, not sure if you made it?
  6. Well.. he does have a nice car, Blue Loop, watch out 😂
  7. Love another anthracite. Very clean too! I might be over your neck of the woods later this year or next year, we should get them both parked up together for some photos and you can show me the good roads
  8. I'm glad I'm not the only one that finds the pedal layout not great! I never even thought about getting an extension. Is this something available off the shelf?
  9. Thanks man, it was local yeah. I believe it's been here for 6 years, before that i'm not sure - may have been down south. It's had the number plate changed obviously. I have a sale receipt from 2 owners ago, i'll dig it out and see where it was. Good point! I will be pricing up having a cat fitted, and perhaps a centre silencer. # Unless anyone wants to buy KAM racing manifold from me and i will sort out another one? OUCH that is rough!! I was thinking around the £200 mark. At least you can still get them. I think the problem is it absorbs water. I painted mine over the weekend, however it's already started to bubble and it's been 2 or 3 days since i did it. Not ideal.. Maybe if i took it off and soaked it in rice or something (long shot i know!) it would get the water out of the material, then i could seal it and paint it. Hmmmm..... Nice car btw, do love them in black! I did get some photos of it recently, but i'll wait until i get a chance to tidy it up first. I replaced some fixings in the engine bay, slam panel and repainted a bracket that was going a little orange. Also chucked some new VW aeroblades on.
  10. Cheers Davy, the colour is really nice when it's clean! I'm not envious of owning a black car for cleaning reasons, but the Lupo does suit the black a lot! The wheels are really nice, my old Lupo never had them on when i bought it so this is my first experience, when i picked it up and it was on the Bathursts I just fell in love. They could do with being tidied up, and i REALLY need to find centre caps or centre VW logo stickers. Do you know if you can still get the cente caps new from VW? Going to get some work done on it this weekend, i ordered up a lot of new fixings and also got the spoiler off last night so will try and repaint this weekend. Need to get the crank and pistons in the Mini engine though so time will be tight
  11. Thanks for the comments @Silver! Do you mind me asking where you sourced your spacers? I've heard the rears can require a little chamfer extension but if I can find some that don't require that even better. Now you've got me pricing up more bits 😁
  12. dougie1142


    No problem. For anyone else interested it's 25/26th May, in Biggar, Scotland.
  13. Cracking update Clayton. Cars a big inspiration to us all!
  14. Thank @Skajme. I saw on your black car you managed 20mm on the rear, perhaps i'll do that and go 15mm at the front. How did yours drive with spacers?
  15. Cracking looking car and thread, thoroughly enjoyed reading it and i'll certainly be taking some of your ideas forward. The wheel looks amazing in the car!
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