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  1. Bren23

    Ultra Newbie

    Haha. Tried that, didn't like it.
  2. Bren23

    Ultra Newbie

    Ok thanks for the info. I think I'll look at both, see what prices I get
  3. Bren23

    Ultra Newbie

    So by the sounds of it, the previous owner has lost the remote key? It has all the other bits except spoiler although I didn't check the seats. Would it be a case of getting a new key from VW? Or could I put an aftermarket RCL in?
  4. Bren23

    Ultra Newbie

    Hi lupo fans. I went to look at a sport yesterday and absolutely love it. I'll be buying it asap subject to selling my current car today. the tappets are a bit noisy, but a new set will come with it so I'll have a dabble at replacing those myself. It's a big move for me, I've always had jap cars (mainly civics) and this will be my first dub ever in my long list of cars (I'm 35). The car was unlocked and I forgot to ask if it was central locking. DOH! I'm assuming so but do the sports have that? Didn't have a remote so I'll be putting RCL in ASAP. Looking forward to reading all of your posts and getting inspired to change a few bits. Thanks. Bren.
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