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  1. Seems to be a common move on here to the Fabia VRS.. I love mine Those seats are lush saw them a few weeks back very tempting even at £912+VAT.. Anyone on here on BRISKODA?
  2. love this line.. "To make sure everyone knows the boy racer's car is "pukka" many will remove all of the badges from the rear of the car, or replace them with badges for the car they wished they had"
  3. Cool.. I said I wasn't gunna do much to this but you never no..
  4. have you sold the Sport? any plans for the VRS?
  5. like the Cupra splitter looks nice.. did you take the door strip off or colour code it?
  6. you bought a VRS Rich? I'm already on BRISkoda Not a lot of plans tbh colour code a few bits, Audio etc..
  7. Gave it its first wash and wax yesterday worth the 3 hours of hard graft when it ends up looking this good..
  8. Cheers.. 1.9tdi.. thought they were all the same in this mk?
  9. Picked this up today loving it so far.. Will create a readers ride for it eventually..
  10. This is now Sold.. gutted to see it go tbh.. picking up the VRS this week..
  11. added a few fresh pics to the readers ride.. http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=57351&st=140
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