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  1. Went to Windsor a while ago and took this on The Thames
  2. What adapters does the MFD need? Interested in this!
  3. Keep the CAT, less hassle when it comes MOT time, unless you have a friendly MOTer
  4. Very good video, you should maybe do the next stage? polish/ claybar / waxing technique etc etc
  5. Ive booked the day before of work, cant be seen with a dirty car haha
  6. Which wires? coming out of the headunit? Or coming from the car? As i have this problem too
  7. Yeah! especially this early, some shows are like TBC and its soo annoying! haha
  8. This is what ive been looking for!! Time to book my 'holiday' at work!
  9. Id stay cannon, you can use the same lenses then!
  10. I reckon we should organise a lupo meet in near bath when thy finish the project, have a club lupo feature in the magazine!
  11. DSLRs range from around £300 for entry level video and still pictures, to £1,000s for the top of the range, and Go-Pros are around 200-300 for the newest ones!
  12. Is this hand held or in car? If you really going to get into it then get a DSLR expensive, but perfect for pictures and videos, if your looking for on car action, then Go-Pro
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