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  1. Anyone got a link for what aerial lead I need to buy ? Cheers
  2. Little suprise in store for UD
  3. Headlining now retrimmed ! Some pics of in the making and after.. Not one crease ! Finally in and pretty pleased with it.. C pillars trims also done. My interior all cleaned for the meet on sunday.. And a few stance shots.. Mot prep this weekend , gloss black interior parts in , sadly got another puncture on the reps so new tyres needed , clean her up ready for UD in just over two and a half weeks time !
  4. Retrimming my headlinin and c pillar trims tomorrow , will put pics of how I do soon !
  5. Back seats cost 300 to retrim Cheers mate ! Loads more to come !
  6. Next plans are ; Headlining Pillar trims New wheels ( Trying to find A8 winters ) Double din Planning at the end of show season to take her off the road and put an Audi 5v in it , which is basically a 1.8t. Been wanting to do this for a while so saving up at the moment ! Also planning to have some paintwork done. Going to Ultimate Dubs in a month and was hoping this month to have it all done but due to finances it wont be done for a while now Bit gutted as she wont look her best but on the other hand she is a daily ! Smooth bumper I have had sat around for a while will be painted just after UD but the rest will have to wait.. Plan to keep this thread going now and update regualary !
  7. Bit of inspiration Fitted my kneebars.. Over the xmas break I bought some MDF and started to make my bootbuild. Plan is just a simple and clean , covered in carpet of leatherette to match the rest. Probably go with two ten inch subs and an amp and then some kind of feature in the middle.. Bought my old Lupo back ! Sadly my mate who I sold it to snapped the camshaft so I bought if off him for scrap value , broke it and this was the sad end for her RIP Lupo of love Winter waxing.. After a bit of hassle I fitted my set of popouts ! Ipod dock.. So happy with it right now. Found a set of GTI seatbelts and TT pedals and these were fitted last weekend. Makes the interior so much better ! Real happy with where she is right now..
  8. Finally the update as havent put up any progress since last summer and there has been alot of it ! So after Volksfest I "ummed and arred" about selling the Loop but after one attempt of selling it , it never made enough and I decided to keep her. Heres whats happened since !! The Borbets stayed on for a while and I debated putting them on lower profile tyres and lowering it but in the end decided to start looking for new wheels.. At inters I picked up a set of GTI clocks cheap so they were fitted... Then I started on the interior. Had to be black leather. Picked up a set of MK4 Golf sports seats which I have been told are hard to find. The backs were then sold and I had my current rears retrimmed to match.. Whilst waiting for them to be retrimmed I went on the hunt for more interior parts and found a black mirror , sadly I ended up cracking the screen fitting it and a new one had to be fitted Test fit on the fronts <3 Tracking was then done Day came and I cleaned the interior and fitted the fronts.. Rears came back from being trimmed and I couldnt of been happier with them !!! Straight after Edition my mate was selling his BBS reps so I snatched them up , but it definitely needed some more lows ! Little purchase at Edition.. Also bought some roofbars at Inters and a bike rack at Edition so fitted it all along with the wheels... Shitty weather came and she went back into Winter mode Poke <3 Spent a sunday polishing and waxing her and these were the results,, Nice little touch, got hold of some carpet and covered the rear of my back seats and my multichanger.. Looking around on the net I saw a few Lupos with TT kneebars and thought it was something I quite liked and would purchase a set.. Cutom exhaust then fitted , dosent sound like a 1.0 any more ! Doorcards trimmed in black leather to match the seats..
  9. Right think I need to update as havent updated since the summer and loads been done !
  10. Just buy a set of Lupo Thule footpacks mate and fit them to the roofbars
  11. Sorry ! I will empty it now !
  12. Will be updating shortly...
  13. I would also like to know...
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