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  1. ShinSkin

    Mattarosas Arosas

    Yeah that really does smarten it up, how have you attached it? Just like heavy duty glue?
  2. ShinSkin

    Mattarosas Arosas

    I may be interested in those alloys, I've got a set on mine but I kinda want to spray them black ('cause I can't afford decent ones) but don't want to regret it and ruin them. If there's any simple/cheap Arosa upgrades you can think of, I definitely want to know. I'm gonna think hard about the boot carpet though, maybe shagpile?
  3. ShinSkin

    Mattarosas Arosas

    Yeah I might have a look a simple things like that, it's always the little details that really bring everything together. I think I'm one of the few people on here that prefer the standard Arosa ones over the lupo ones! If you've got any old parts lying around that you don't need, I'm always here!
  4. ShinSkin

    Mattarosas Arosas

    That would be brilliant! I'd love to get some gti pedals, they look proper smart. I've got the light interior, and it's a bit worse for wear...
  5. ShinSkin

    Hello All

    That would be brilliant mate, where abouts are you from? Saying that I probably can't afford to get them for a while!
  6. ShinSkin

    Mattarosas Arosas

    Would universal mudflaps work the same way? As you can probably guess, this is my first car and I really know feck all about how to do anything to a car...
  7. ShinSkin

    Mattarosas Arosas

    Where did you find the mud-flaps and the spoiler? And how did they both fit? Fairly easy?
  8. ShinSkin

    Hello All

    And the shopping list gets longer!
  9. ShinSkin

    Hello All

    Oh changing the plastic I can do, it's the wiring I would struggle with.
  10. ShinSkin

    Hello All

    That sounds a bit beyond my abilities... If there's anyone on here in Norwich that wants to help me improve the Arosa all help will be appreciated!
  11. ShinSkin

    Renown steering wheel with Momo boss £90

    I may be interested in this once I've been paid at the end of the month, do you know how easy it would be to fit to an Arosa?
  12. ShinSkin

    Hello All

    Any idea where I can pick some up? I'm assuming they're all over eBay? And what's it like with the wiring?
  13. ShinSkin

    Hello All

    Thanks for the reply Rich, I'll have a good look about. Now I'm home, I can show off the beast!
  14. ShinSkin

    Hello All

    Hi Everyone, just bought myself a 1.0 Arosa S as a first car and itching to mess about with it! I plan on keeping it fairly standard looking, maybe some 15" alloys and lowering springs. If anyone can recommend some cheap and worthwhile mods I'm all ears!
  15. ShinSkin

    Definitive Coilover Thread

    Thanks for the reply, I just couldn't believe the price, that's not a lot more money than springs alone!

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