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  1. 8 years or so, but rust is becoming a major issue, starting to worry about MOTs being viable
  2. The main problem was the throttle body butteryfly valve sticking when the engine was cold. Cost quite a lot of money to diagnose and fix in the end, but now my car should pass the MOT next year
  3. It hardly ever goes into limp mode. It's done it once or twice in 5 years. Restarting the engine immediately always fixed it. When it had a real leak, it started thumping on gear changes, as it's an automatic transmission.
  4. I couldn't even identify the wiring from the ECU to the sensor to check it
  5. It's the 1.4 16V AUA engine Error code is this one http://wiki.ross-tech.com/wiki/index.php/17566/P1158 It's been happening for 5 years, to varying degrees. There were some leaks in the manifold which caused problems and were repaired. The error went away for 3 months. But most of the time it causes no problem at all. Engine always seems to have full power.
  6. Thanks for the tips, but they're beyond me to be honest. The manifold leaks were all repaired by the garage previously, the error has not gone away. That's why I'm looking for someone who can diagnose the fault or replace the ECU etc
  7. Anyone know a specialist in the Plymouth area who can help me sort out my annoying 17 year old Lupo? Map sensor error comes on every few minutes. Garage say there's nothing wrong with anything. Sensor replaced a couple times. So I need it fixed before the next MOT next year. Need someone reliable, worried I'll find someone who will waste hundreds of pounds not fixing the problem.
  8. I need a third brake light assembly for my 2001 Lupo 1.4S I removed the old one to change a bulb and the plastic broke apart in my fingers. Very brittle. Anyone got one in good condition? the part number is 6H0945121
  9. stator

    Soft Blue 1.7 SDI

    Need a 3rd brake light for a Lupo 1.4 S Do you have one? Mine fell apart whilst removing it.
  10. Wouldn't know what I'm looking at really but it seems solid enough to me.
  11. I can't tell you anything about the welding as I just paid someone to do it, but I can show you what they did:
  12. You can't see anything from the inside. I had the bracket welded in the end. Works fine now.
  13. You shouldn't need any connectors, all you need to do is take the ISO harness that comes with the unit and swap the yellow and red bullet connectors around. You might need an aerial connector, the long type you push in
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