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  1. I took brake vacuum pipe off, I'm not the best mechanic but it shouldn't let me blow air through both ways easily right?
  2. Sorry for the delayed reply, had other things to worry about during this lockdown. I am going to have another crack at the Arosa. The car is drive by wire. Using VCDS, how do you read the lambda sensor? I'm quite new to the software.
  3. I have a 54 plate 1.0MPI Seat Arosa and it has a very low idle setting of around 600 ish which is causing a random cylinder misfire (according to VCDS LITE). It is quite lumpy because of this which I'm guessing is the misfire. When I hold the revs at around 900-950 it really smooths out and the error code does not appear again until i let it idle again. I have changed coil pack, leads, spark plugs and also cleaned throttle body with carb cleaner and made sure all pipes are securely attached. I have looked everywhere but can't find a suitable fix. This is my first car and, to be honest, I haven't got a lot to spend on it due to needing it to get a job in the first place. If anyone has any suggestions, I will be more than happy. Thanks, Joe.
  4. Some good news: I have bought that complete engine w/gearbox which also came with a spare mirror (mines broke), headlights and a brand new alternator all for just £130! Someone was breaking an 1.0 Arosa close to me so I thought I'd get the bits now and save money later. On this new engine was a gear linkage which was in a hell of a lot better condition than mine was being smoother movement and a newer plastic thing. I have just installed this new linkage and adjusted it so it looked right and checked the gearstick. The gearstick is now almost buttery smooth to put into 1st all the way to 5th going through gears. I was a bit worried that reverse would still be 1st but amazingly it was reverse. So not only do i have what i think is a bargain for all the bits, I have also fixed the gear sticking problem. Also i thought I would mention that swapping the sparkplugs over (2nd and 3rd) has turned the engine light off and no codes have come up. I will however keep monitoring this just in case. Thank you for all your help with all of this. Many thanks - Joe
  5. Sorry for the delayed reply, I have been focusing on my motorbike to get it ready for MOT. In terms of the Arosa, I had an engine code come up that's P0303 which i looked up and came out to be cylinder 3 misfiring. Tomorrow I plan on checking spark plugs first as its the best thing to do first due to a tighter budget (Currently in Sixth Form and not working). I had a bit of a random thought on testing the spark plug by first checking the spark and if the spark is good, I shall swap plugs 2 & 3 and see if the engine code proceeds. If so i shall have a look at the coil pack and work on from there. The gearbox seems to be able to sit in neutral with a noise when clutch is released, like something is catching. 1st is now first and the rest of the gears seem to slide in okay. Reverse however seems to be some kind low gear. It doesn't feel like it has as much pulling power as 1st gear but at the same time feels like more of a pull than 2nd does. My dad has found a complete engine & gearbox that someone is selling for £100 so hopefully I get a good few parts. If it is the gearbox then hopefully the new one will be much better. I am considering putting in a brand new clutch whilst fiddling around with the gearbox to also see if that solves anything. As the car is 15 years old anyway I would think it would be about time it was replaced anyway if it hasn't been already. Once again sorry for the delay and thank you for your help.
  6. I have somehow managed to put the gearbox into neutral by releasing the clutch slowing and trying to pull off and then putting the gear stick in the neutral position. It went with a bit of a bang and shot forward. I did not expect such a jump forward as the gear stick was supposed to be in reverse but it went forward. However the car can now sit in neutral with no clutch but tends to have a funny noise i can only describe as a chugging friction noise when the clutch is not applied in neutral. I cannot find 4th gear and reverse seams to be 1st gear. I have rejacked up the car and noticed the linkage adjusters have moved slightly so i shall realign them to where they were originally.
  7. The gears don't seem to shift at all if that makes any sense? Its like it is constantly stuck in second/third gear regardless of what position the gear stick is in. Tomorrow I am planning on trying to put the gearbox into neutral by rocking the car and fiddling with the gear stick and hopefully try to set the adjusters to be in the right position knowing its neutral. I will have a look into the online diagrams and other manuals and I might try to put together a PDF of all useful information which I could share with others if they're interested as i like to have all the necessary information in one place. Thank you and I'm glad I found this place as it seems like a nice community.
  8. As its late I shall try tomorrow morning as I don't want to annoy the neighbours. I shall report back when done so, thanks.
  9. I have problem with my 54 plate Seat Arosa 1.0L where it seems to be stuck in gear. The car itself has been standing for just under two years and had regular services from the previous owner. (I have just bought the car yesterday). The problem it seems to have is that it appears to be stuck in one of the gears regardless of what position the gear stick is in. I have taken the gear linkage off and found one pivot arm to be seized which i cleaned up, greased and reinstalled. The clutch appears to be fully functional with no problem and no slipping. One idea I do have is about the adjusters for the linkages and I am unsure where to set them due to the lack of manuals. If anyone has any idea on whereabouts to set the adjusters I would very grateful. If anyone has any idea on how to help solve or even properly diagnose the issue I would really appreciate it. If anyone needs more details I will would be happy to say more. Many thanks, - Joe
  10. Just thought it would be best to add that this car has been standing on a drive for more or less 2 years.
  11. Hello everyone, my names Joe and I would like to write a little paragraph or two to say who I am. I am 17 and I am currently learning to drive. I bought my first car early knowing I will have to do a couple bits to get it ready. The car I bought was a '54' plate Seat Arosa 1.0. Its a lovely little car and I currently am doing it up a little bit. Slight problem with gear selection it seams. If anyone knows anything about gear selection problems il describe the problem i have further. I may be inexperienced with cars both driving and mechanically speaking but I have 2 motorbikes currently ( 1 50cc and one 125cc) which means I have basic knowledge of how engines tend to work. Or more importantly I tend to know where to the find the information to do a job rather than just winging it. Saying that i had a look for manuals for a Arosa/Lupo and found absolutely nothing that can be considered a manual. If anyone has anything like a set of useful notes available to share I would be very grateful. I am quite new to the idea of forums and this is my first one so I'm looking forward to speaking to you all and many thanks for reading. - Joe
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