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  1. 7) 6N2 polo dash is much shorter, even though they look the same, so I doubt it will fit. All Lupo's have the same dash so just get another Lupo one of you want to replace it.
  2. Seats don't slide but allow for gangsta lean. He has his priorities sorted.
  3. For sale KW V2 inox coilovers for Lupo GTI. These have only covered at most 20k miles (probably less) so haven't been used all that much even though all the paint has started flasking off the springs. These have adjustable rebould and come with adjustment tools. No C spanners but they can still be turned by hand. Unfortunately one of the rear damper threads got damaged on removal, the damper is still useable, it would just need another nut adding when installing them because the threat at the top is fine. Or alternatively you could run a die down and re-thread it. New price is well over £1,000, price here is £300 collected from Middlesbrough.
  4. Took both Lupo's for their MOT's in the last week. The GTI passed, the TDI didn't - failed on play in the track rod end (though they were both changed 30k miles ago).
  5. There is an engine, gearbox, turbo, intercooler, ecu etc. for sale on facebook for £250.
  6. I have had it leak in from the speaker, the windscreen and also coming back up from a rubber bung underneath the carpet (cavity was filled with water, froze and popped the bung causing the sound deadening to get very wet)
  7. Seems steep but they are getting hard to find in good original standard condition. I bet it hasn't depreciated much during your ownership.
  8. To be fair if I had that I wouldn't want to take it outside too often!
  9. In the car audio world I think it's called an aerial amplifier, although of course technically it isn't as the amplifier is in the base of the the aerial, so it's just the power injector like you say.
  10. or you could just have installed one of these which does the same thing does it not?
  11. Nice. Rainbow components, good choice too!
  12. Xcarlink make an aux interface with a 'Y' cable so you can keep the CD changer.
  13. Salut. Le Golf a l'air d'être assez propre pour une voiture français! Normalement la-bas ils sont toujours un peut abimé! Bonne chance avec la recherche.
  14. About time they put a TSI engine in the up!!
  15. Really, when did TDI's get so cheap. They were holding quite strong money until recently...
  16. It's from the VW Self Study Program. If you google VW SSP you can find them floating aroung the internet. They are internal VW documents which explain how things work.
  17. Not sure, never had to do anything with it on mine. The SSP just says it's on the block somewhere.
  18. jon_273


    Haha. Well I thoroughly recommend using an oil extractor for this engine as it makes it very easy to service, and you can get out more oil than just draining through the sump plug.
  19. I don't drive my old one so much these days, but I still love it!
  20. jon_273


    Interested to see what you do with the 3 spark plugs... Also make sure the oil meets VW spec 505.01.
  21. Not quite so with the GTI, plents of people have said over the years that their 195/50/15 tyres rubbed, as Martin has pointed out above. OP: your choices to fix this problem are 205/45/15 Toyo T1R's (OEM size) or whatever you fancy in 195/45/15...
  22. Unfortunately a quick google would seem to suggest P0321 is the Engne Speed Sensor (G28), which is the other sensor. If this fails it is not possible to start the engine (according to the SSP).
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