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  1. Thank for the link, got the undertray off today and had a look - it does attach down under the oil filter to the block. Can't get access, and had enough now. Gonna be a garage job. btw - where did the above attachment come from?
  2. Where does the other end of the engine speed sensor attach? It feels like it goes down underneith the engine, under the oil filter, but couldn't feel the end. It's too cold and dark right now to be trying to climb around underneath!
  3. In the interest of closure - I put the old adjuster on and pushed it back down that way:
  4. Thanks - I didn't realise at first there was a little rubber grommet which you could push out the way to pull the cable through! Unfortunately it didn't fix the non starting...
  5. Has anyone got a decent image/link of where exactly it is? Tonight the Arosa has decided it doesn't want to start anymore, and seems to be throwing code P0321 Thanks
  6. Ah...click moment! That's what the fork is and where you are supposed to put it to lock it. All the other guides/YouTube clips didn't seem to have the same style tensioner. Now it makes sense, thanks :-)
  7. This is turning into a total pig of a job... I managed to use a socket/bent pipe to get the bolts and jacking the engine up gave enough space to wiggle it free. Got everything locked using the locking tools. Somehow I managed to remove the old belt (The tensioner seems to be of a completely different design to the other PD guides i've see everywhere else). However getting the new belt back on - had anyone got any tips as how to get the new belt on? I was outside for about 2 hours tonight trying different ways..bottom cog first, then water pump, top, tensioner....then waterpump last...nothing seemed to work.
  8. I'm part way through a cambelt change on my Arosa. However, how the hell do you remove the mounting bracket the engine mount connects to? They seem to be 3x 16mm bolts, but there isn't enough space to get anything on the end of the socket... Thanks
  9. Just to update this thread/provide an update: There are three wires going to the speedo sensor on the top of the gearbox. The black one is supposed to be a 12v feed but it wasn't getting anything at all. I tired tracing it back as far as I could, but couldn't find a break. In the end I just ran a new switched live to it and it's working again.
  10. Found what i think is the wiring diagram for the cluster at: http://www.seatcupra.net/forums/showthread.php?t=232621 Voltage regulator looks like part of the cluster. I will at some point have a bit more of a dig/see if i am getting any signal from the speed sensor. Too fed up with it at the moment. Im wondering if the replacement dials are a red hearing/as they are from a petrol and i dunno if they should work on a diesel arosa?
  11. I did have a bit of hope there, as I replaced the driveshaft on that side a few months back, and it made me wonder if i'd knocked something. Took the grille piece off, and took a look. There seems to be a earthing point above the horn (pictured). Took that off/cleaned it up, re-fitted and tried it, but still no joy: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v329/sarkie83/A2BA2421-7C14-4056-9461-AE29EB648E68.jpg I also re-tried the replacement dials and the originals again. One other thing i did notice was that the fuel guage swings around a bit on both sets of dials (which in the past didn't happen), so there must seem be an electrical issue somewhere...
  12. I presume that is either inside the steering wheel or somewhere in the steering column?
  13. I've got a mk2 Arosa, which has been probably my fav ever car, but I've started to get a lot of things go wrong with it over the last few months... One is the speedo not working. It did start getting intermediate, then stopped completely Plugged it into a code reading program on my laptop - no codes. Also real time metrics would show rpm, etc.. but nothing for speed, so I thought it must be the gearbox sensor. Got a replacement sensor from Seat which I managed to pull apart and drop into the engine bay - d'oh! Bought another off ebay, and swapped it out as well as cleaning up the contacts - no joy. Checked the gear that goes into the gearbox was still on it's shaft, and it was. Took it to Seat and asked them to diognose what was wrong with it. They said the dial cluster was faulty, and would be £450 off quid. Told them to leave it alone, and got some 2nd hand dials off ebay. Tried taking the old dials out and cleaning the contacts to the blocks at the back, made no difference. Fitted the replacement ebay dials - and the same problem. The rev counter, fuel, guage, etc... all work, but still nothing from the speedo. They look like they are from a petrol model as they have the 7k rev limit, but if the rest work, the speedo should as well, right? So now im kinda stuck - it MUST be the speedo sensor? and I the ebay one, must have been a dud? Pic of it in happier days: http://smg.photobucket.com/user/sarkie83/media/IMG_0023.jpg Thanks, Kieran
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