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  1. RESULT!! the centre wire to the ciggie lighter is ignition on only. three screws loosen the gear stick console area enough to get access to the cable. radio now turns off when it's supposed to.
  2. got two of them! there is a pair of extra wires and at least one of them needs to go to an ignition on/off feed. closest I can find without pulling the car apart is the ciggie lighter... I'll try that tonight.....
  3. I think I MAY be on the right track now. the 12v power socket (formerly known as cigarette lighter) turns off when the ignition does. a patch cable from there to the red lead on the radio should do it. but its too late to start into it now.... I have spare lighter plugs so ill rig a temp. Lead to try it before I start pulling apart the facia!
  4. CAN-bus it is. I'm going to need to run a cable to the ignition somehow, unless I can get a canbus adaptor maybe......
  5. I've never done the CAN-Bus thing before. I've pulled the RCD 200 from my fox. The Pioneer radio I have fitted in it's place has three wires in.... power + & - and the ignition line. the fox loom has 2 +, 1 - and two CAN-bus cables. I need EITHER a CAN-Bus adaptor which will give me power to the ignition line to turn the radio on, or run a separate line to the ignition. the cable to the ignition looks like a lot of work, so is there such a thing as a CAN-bus adaptor that will give me a signal out when the ignition is on, and nothing when its not, so that my radio will turn off when the car is turned off? Please help, cos this is driving me nuts!
  6. this is driving me nuts! this VERY helpful page has the wiring diagram for the ISO connector. http://uk-mkivs.net/topic/11361-how-to-upgrade-the-stereo-in-mk4-golfsboras/ the fox has only the speakers and the three power cables: brown, thin red and white, thick red and white. which according to the link, and my experience with a meter.... are two permanent 12v lives, and a neutral. there are also two mystery wires which are brown and orange in positions 2 & 4 theses are (4) at 11.49v when the key is off and 2.6v when on (2) at 0v when the key is off and 2.35v when on (taking the earth at the brown wire) I am not a sweary person. but how the actual @?&%$£ does the factory fitted radio turn off? voodoo? I'm just about to try and run a cable through to the fusebox to find the ignition feed there.
  7. brilliant, thanks. Hopefully I'll get it done tomorrow. thanks again!
  8. I just got an email back from the customer service guys. hey, its only €30 a day to get the info........ I'll pass for now.......
  9. thanks for that. It'll likely be the weekend before I get the chance to attack it again.
  10. just tried this. Cable didn't appear anywhere so I started to pull it back out. but it wouldn't come.... it had tied itself in a knot! had to cut it and leave the knot in the bowels of the car.
  11. Hi there, Just bought a bog standard fox for the teenagers to learn to drive in and hopefully not wreck! Very happy with is so far but having problems getting the replacement stereo to turn off...... separate thread in the fox section.
  12. look in the glove box. there should be a socket......
  13. I just got a fox.nice wee car but I want to fit my DAB radio.standard radio easily removed with 4 keys and adaptor wire loom bought off ebay.My new radio is a Pioneer DEH-X6700DAB which has been in my other car for a couple of years with no issues.but in the fox, it wont turn off when the ignition is turned off!fox loom has the speaker cables and five other wires.thick brown, thick red and white and thin red and white, and then the other two skinnies that don't match any diagrams I can find online.the conversion loom has matching outs for the thick brown (going to the black on the radio)and thick red and white (going to the yellow on the radio)the outstanding red wire on the radio is to connect to the ignition switch feed. if I connect it to the thin red and white, the radio comes on regardless of if the ignition is on or not, just like if I short it to the thick main power wire. Connecting it to the two other wires doesn't do anything.I know I'm missing something obvious here but my head is fried!suggestions please!
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