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  1. See last previous on this, it was the bonnet entry cable grommet, combined with the blocked wheel arch liner.....thanks for your steer !
  2. Fixed - and root cause identified; Root cause - build up earth (almost compost like) behind o/s wheel arch, all the way to the top of the wing to plenum chamber under the windscreen ( the whole rectangular area under the windscreen = the chamber) Massive down pour of rain over the weekend Rain "must have" filled the chamber, as natural drainge down/over the back of wheel arch liner was blocked. Bonnet release grommet has a 2nd electrical wire in black plastic going through it, which has a 2-3mm gap around it where it comes out of the car to the left of the windscreen ch
  3. Ok, but where would the entry point of the water to the car? I am going to put some blue paper around a few places and give it a soaking once its dried out a bit, likely Sat as tied up at work until then....
  4. Ok, this is looking like it, all subject to a further check.....I popped the 3 screws off the arch liner and levered it out, to find a wing full of soil....Oddly enough, that mud (as in literally earth mud), went all the way to the windsreen scuttle etc, where that was full of the same actual mud too. So, I reckon, when we had a massive down pour at the weekend, the it must have flooded on a temp basis and dropped the water down through the heater matrix or something into the car? I have cleared the mud out but could do with doing a better job of it over the weekend, but certainly looks likely
  5. I have found one bung which internally had cracked through the sound deadening, which "could" have been cuased by frost damage, but overall the bungs etc are all looking really tidy......So for now, I have a list of possible suspects, so will finish drying it out, then have a squirt and see what happens......with the water rising up the sound insulation material (Blue stuff), it was hard to dertermine where the water has come in, as nothing obvious hence the post etc.....
  6. Ok, but where would the entry point of the water to the car? I am going to put some blue paper around a few places and give it a soaking once its dried out a bit, likely Sat as tied up at work until then....
  7. Hi Mattarosa....Ok, will have a look.....but where would that ingress into the car? I know there is the chamber under the windscreen (as had a passat too!), which can fill up and flood the car, but if it filled up behind the wheel arch liner, where does it go in? Any pointers? I can see a couple of plugs in the front well, but all look quite secure.....the floorpan looks like it just left the factory etc....
  8. Hi guys......No sunroof and parked on the flat, in regular etc......Just had the seat out, all the side/quarter and have been able to elevate the carpet somewhat with the rear soundproofing out. The centre console is holding the forward sound proofing as it looks to straddle both front and passenger side......but, with all the trim out under the steering wheel, I have been able to jam a good timber in, which is holding the dripping sound proofing up and have a heater running......Main fix for now is stopping any smell build up and getting stuff dryed out quick......On a quick inspection I cant
  9. Hi, Suddenly have a soaking drivers side carpet - The chamber below the windscreen is clear and no water coming in through the heater or anything.....There is a lot of water, but no damp doors or rear panels etc.....So, that suggests from underneath? Any known points? The rubber bungs at a glance look pretty good down the undersides, but havent really had a chance to get in for a closer look. There was a lot of rain this weekend, so, I am still not ruling out a leak from above too.....So, any possible pointers ? I know water can be a git....... Luckily, I have a garage and dont need the
  10. Hi, Just looking at a steering wheel swap on a 1.4 TDI (02 plate)...was looking at Triple Square (XZN) M12 (12mm) sockets, but cross checking here, it looks like it will just be a 24mm nut. Does anyone know the torque setting, I assume use with thread lock. Also, does the steering wheel self line up? i.e. their look to be guides on MKIV Golfs etc.
  11. Just to confirm, is the only way to get the window switch housing out by removing the door card? I have had a prod with a VW wedge tool and can get it under each end, but didn't want to lever it too hard if it was not possible? I assume it's only just plopped in the square hole, i.e. Having looked at eBay pictures of them?
  12. All done. Had the car stripped in about 20-30 mins. Raised the front and chocked. Battery disconnected. Engine cover off. Hose clamp off top black hose and undid electrical connector. Undid 2 screws on air box to allow 2 black hoses to lift clear Plug off alternator Big nut off alternator Small 8mm nut off alternator 16mm spanner on tensioner node/knobbly bit and pulled forward, slipped off toothed belt Undid 3 bolts on tensioner and removed it Put cardboard and bubble wrap on radiator in front of alternator Swing alternator down Loosened lower but removed 2 x long bolts on alternator Remove
  13. All ok now, temp going to 70 then 90...... I just swung the alternator down - I used a sealey vs1663 hose clamp tool too....made getting the top hose off soooooo easy. Be careful when replacing the horse shoe on sensor. Naturally, it has to seat in the slot. The blind side can bend up out the way, so push the sensor against the O ring and allow the horse shoe clip to slot it. Once secure, you know when its in correctly! Took me about 20 mins to strip the engine all down, using a 16mm spanner to release the tensioner node (pull it towards you) to slip off the toothed belt. Then remove the 3 x 1
  14. Yep, just had it delivered.....nice bit of kit...just popped it on a hose clip......no problem at all....like having a 3rd hand really ! Its not that it wasn't do'able before, its just that it was a struggle....great....
  15. Its 2 things.....the original problem was the temp gauge either not working at all, or going up and down.....both the bottom and top hoses were warm....so I assumed the sensor..... I only got the Lupo recently and decided that popping in a new thermostat at the same time of the sensor was a bit of proactive maintenance as it were and gave me a chance to inspect the old thermostat etc......so 1st time, the temp was slow to go up, but it worked up to 90c all nicely. Next morning, nothing....not an mm of movement on the gauge and a cold bottom pipe! So I assume the new part is faulty. I contacted
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