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  1. So it's been a while since I last updated this thread, since then there's been a fair bit of work done. I'll post pictures when I find a way to make them smaller so I can upload them. I've finally change the oil in the gearbox, which was a pain to do in the dark on the drive. I've bought a set of 6n2 gti alloys, could do with a refurb but overall look decent. I've also bought a set of mk4 golf recaros only yesterday, the fronts are now in, just need to sort the rears. And I've fixed the leaks I've had with my exhaust. That being said I have a faint suspicion that I've well
  2. This is my first car and I'm only 17, I'm using this as something to learn on so mistakes are gonna happen frequently, so long as it is different and unique I'm not too bothered🤷‍♂️ Detail will be for my next car, this one is just a practise run😂
  3. It was just a start, I have more of the underside I'm painting, the beam was just a start
  4. Also started creating it to be gold starting with the rear beam and interior, still need to do the boot but that is a quick job
  5. So it's been a while and I haven't done much really, I've got my horn wired up and my resistor in for my airbag, it passed it's MOT yesterday with only two advisories which aren't worrying as I already knew about them, also I got some coilovers but I'm yet to fit them as I haven't had the time, and I finished painting covers in my engine bay. Also did my hood as it was a mess before, still yet to polish it and t-cut overspray
  6. Few major things since my last post, I controversially decided to get a cherry bomb, which is just a little bit louder than I thought it would be And I installed the quick release wheel I bought, it feels nice to drive and being a little smaller in diameter I definitely prefer it to stock
  7. I'll get round to doing it eventually I didn't have the tools at the time, and one of the previous owners decided to add a lot of additional sealant making a simple job much more complicated Eh, I wanted a red and black theme within my budget so that's what one of my mates kept suggesting
  8. I might pass on the slabs, been looking at a set of coilovers though, might be a while till I can get them though I'll probably get a steering wheel and similar products before the coilovers as my student sized budget is small
  9. I would like to but I don't think my insurance would
  10. So I'm sticking with my red and black theme at the moment, but it may change to red and gold if I get influenced more, also slowly influencing my girlfriend into cars more So my caliper on the drivers side and both drums are now Red, just need to do the passenger side Sorry for the potato quality but it got dark
  11. Definitely should be able to do next year, the car will look a little better by then as well
  12. Had one for 2 years and they've met her parents too so that definitely won't work I'd be able to go to that for sure, close enough for them
  13. I wish, my parents are reasonably strict so want to know where I am I checked and I wouldn't be able to remove the black box, which is **** as you can track it from an app. I'll try and persuade them and keep you updated
  14. I live in Worcester so it's quite far as I only passed at the end of June, despite previously going to Weston like 2 weeks after passing I'm only 17 at the moment
  15. Sorry but I can't go, the one thing that I thought would definitely be fine isn't E.g. my parents won't let me drive that far
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