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  1. Ok il see if that works then because didn’t realise how much one problem would cause lol thank you once again guys for all your help and advice
  2. Thanks guys but I’ve changed the hazard switch relay in the dash both stalks and changed the fuse under dash board but still nothing everything works side lights main lights brake lights just no indicators or hazard warning lights just nothing so it’s times like this I could be using the car just to get out but ain’t gonna risk the pull over for no indicators.
  3. I could try that like everything works like even the side lights main lights and the ignition and even the wipers work, and I don’t know because on my key it’s just a plain black one like you see on the golfs ect like they have a fob I don’t do have to use it just by the door so not really sure about cereal locking but it does do some noise like when it locks so I’m assuming itis central locking but I can try and see if that all works fingers crossed thanks for all the help so far and the advice
  4. Hi there thanks for the response back, yes everything works the headlights all power brake lights everything other then the hazards and indicators that’s what I’m a bit confused about because everything was working fine then the next day went to pull off but the indicators or hazards wasn’t working so tried everything and then asked someone and they said try all the things I changed and it still wasn’t so then I got told about the fuse relay it could be so here I am asking for help as I have no clue what’s wrong, and thank you I’m happy to be a member 😊
  5. Hi guys i need help, I have a problem with my indicators and hazard warning lights they don’t work, I’ve changed the fuse for indicators and even the hazard warning light relay, and the stalks because i thought it might of been all them or even one of them issues but I’ve been told it is a fuse relay but i don’t know where it is located, could someone help me or show me a diagram of the fuse relay location thank you in advance guys.
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