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  1. Ttazic

    Wiper linkage

    Hi, I'm breaking a Lupo tdi that the wipers where broken when i bought it. The previous owner said he changed the wiper linkage which didn't fix the problem. But long story short the wiper stalk was faulty so the linkage is good. It's of unknown origin but it works fine if you're interested. Thanks Coll
  2. Yeah you can have them back if you want. Just let me know how/where you want them sent. Yeah it's coming from behind the timing belt cover so i hoped it was the water pump.
  3. Hi, I have them seem alright condition. I have black one's off the red lupo in the photo's, looks to be a Satan black which apart from needing a good clean (I'll give them one) and some tape marks (previous owner used duck tape to cover the rust bubbles on the roof) they have some little scratches. No corrosion on them that I can see and the seals look decent. I also have green one's with lots of Laquor peel.
  4. I'm breaking it as there is too much to do to get it thru an mot and I've got a new job and no longer have as much spare time. It's also 1 of 4 lupo's I own and it's got parts that where in better nick than mine (headlights,front downpipe and cat etc). But basically as it sits it owes me £600. And it needs welding on one of the sills. And it needs the back half of the exhaust, leaks oil a lot, water pump is leaking coolant a lot, needs a front wishbone, rear brake lines, Nsf brake hose was nearly chafed thru, 3 of 4 of the exhaust downpipe studs where snapped and it was held on by vice grips. It also had no reverse lights and no radio ( I'd fixed the wiring and got the radio working but don't have a spare radio for it and the speakers are blown). I had already fitted new front tyre's, new Nsf wheel hub and bearing, new Nsf ball joint, used airbag module, used indicator stalk to fix the wipers. Before deciding it needed to much work.
  5. Hi I've recently acquired a lupo tdi that I'm now breaking. It has a towbar fitted just wondering if you're interested.
  6. Hi I have a lupo tdi that I'm breaking I believe that clutch pedal in it was working fine I could tryn remove it if your interested. Thanks Coll
  7. I have a 51 reg lupo tdi that I'm breaking was running and driving before I started taking it apart. Most parts available if anyone wants them. Only have a couple weeks before it's going to the scrap yard as I'm running out of space. The red one in the photos is a 1.0 and some parts are also available on that but not any body panels. Any questions just asked. Thanks Coll Located Fife Scotland.
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