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  1. I'm not really keen on anything bigger than a lupo. The only cars I've ever driven are small cars, such as ford ka, fiat panda etc! Biggest I've driven is a new shape punto and honestly don't think I would be comfortable in a large car for my first car... Thanks for the suggestions though! I loved the Lupo yesterday. As in, when I got in it, adjusted the seat, mirrors etc... Felt right. Loved it! It was an awful lot of money for those miles... Even with a fresh mot on it, who's to say the clutch won't go on me? Or something even worse? It was shabby inside too, so I would have had to repaint the inside door handles, retrimmed the door cards, steam cleaned carpet, seats etc straight away (which I'll probs do on any car I get, actually.) I'm going to keep looking... For arosas and lupos, as they're really what I want. I feel like they are pretty much as safe as I'm going to get for an older car (compared to the likes of a ka, 106, saxo etc...) and they look the part too.. in most cases! If I see something which I could use as a 'stop gap' before getting a lupo i might... just hope I find the right loop first! If I don't see something I like with what I can afford at the moment, will wait till next payday and up the budget a bit.
  2. Bit annoying, but ah well! Not sure if it's just chance but I seem to see many more arosa 1.0 in the s spec, than the lupo 1.0 s? Found a nice arosa 1.0 s in silver, 2004/53 with 62,000 miles on it. £1.8k.. No doubt that exact one will be gone by the time I can quite afford it, but at least it gives me an idea of what I can get for my money!
  3. I may go for an arosa yet, just think the lupo has the front grille/face which I like. I'll most likely go for a 1.0 litre, as looking at insurance quotes I'd end up paying £200-300 more in my first year for a 1.4!
  4. Hm.... Not really sure. I guess I'd be most happy with something under 100k... Might do a quick quote on a 1.4 for myself now. I'd be paying monthly most likely so that's of course going to impact the price too. What do you pay (if you don't mind me asking) However, I'm not fussed on having a slower 1.0... I love the lupo and won't really need that extra power/speed for the kind of driving I will be doing!
  5. I'm now thinking of holding back and saving a bit more... Can I get a nice lupo with low mileage (maybe even a 1.4s!?) for under 2k? Thanks everyone, saved me from a huge mistake and am really greatful!
  6. Thanks Skezza, that last post really made me feel better. I'm from Wiltshire, near Bristol, Swindon, bath etc. i do really want a lupo! Looked at a ka before and just a rust bucket! i really appreciate the help so far, thanks for saving me from a mistake!
  7. Its not a massive deposit, £50 so I'm not too worried . Wont be putting a deposit down like that again! ive looked on those sites but just feel very wary of buying privately! Even less sure of what to loom for when its all private!
  8. Thanks for the help. Do you know if i can get my deposit back?
  9. Don't think the guy was going to budge... At all. He seemed rather offended at my attempts to reduce the price to £800... Don't really have anyone who knows about cars, as none of my parents drive. I'm finding it really difficult to make a good decision and seems every car ive looked at so far and actually liked, had something or other stopping me! i would be concerned about the mileage the whole time i had the car to be honest, it would be on my mind constantly. I even feel like it now! Imagine what id be like when i was driving it!! thanks again everyone. Bit disappointed as it was perfect, right colour, right spec. Ah well!
  10. Thanks everyone so general suggestion is to cut my losses with the £50 deposit and not get the car?
  11. Is it likely to be something i regret if i buy it? I'm not the most mechanically minded person. what's likely to go wrong?
  12. Went to look at a lupo today, a 1.0e, which is the spec i was looking at for my first car. 2001 reg, with 169k on it. Lots of paperwork with bills for services etc. Tax till august. dealer is going to put 12 months mot on, and a new cambelt and water pump. Also has three months warranty on it. Price including all of this was £995.. i put a £50 deposit down, but just want your opinions on whether a loop with this many miles is worth it. I wont be putting a lot of miles on it as i work a five min walk away and will only need it for around 15 miles a day, a few times a week thanks
  13. Hi, I'm looking at lupos at the moment, was just hoping someone could clarify if this is normal for the rev dials: Not sure if you can see, but the rev counter isn't actually on zero, its above zero but slightly below ten. I've seen several lupos with this, and just hoping someone can tell me if it's normal or something to walk away from. Thankyou!
  14. Thanks, I'm trying to do all of my research before I buy are there any specific areas which seem to be prone to rust on arosas? I know the likes of a ford ka seem to rust on the sills/petrol cap/floor plan... Thanks again,.
  15. Hi, I've been looking to get a lupo/arosa for my first car. I've seen a nice arosa (t reg) within my budget and it's pretty much exactly what I want. However, is a t reg what people would consider old (as in too old and not worth bothering with)? Reason I am asking is because with a lot of other smaller, older cars, I feel that a t reg is really too old as a lot of cars of this age seem to either be rust buckets or extremely high mileage. This arosa has 78k ish miles and 8 months tax and mot. I just thought i'd ask the experts! Thanks
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