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  1. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments! I have tt pedals in now as well so its looking pretty gangsta in the cockpit I know what you mean, it kinda follows my personality.. I like bits of random **** haha ( I think I just get bored if its too plain ) but I agree, I love a clean look, I just don't feel like I have the cash to maintain it throughout so thus all the ratty bits But thank you... I'm sure when I get a bit older (and not a poor student) I will quiet it down and go clean More updates on the horizon so will keep updating! Thanks for reading and replying guys, its lovely to get f
  2. Couple of shots after a quick clean today...
  3. Today this happened... I did promise updates
  4. Thanks guys! Will get some pictures up as more stuff happens... AND GET A LUPO REAR BUMPER
  5. Hi guys, Not been on in a while... Not much to update, got spacers on all round now and new tyres (5mm front, 10mm back) and managed to wind down the front a bit more. Got my camber shims, will be fitted over Christmas.. Hopefully will be a couple more updates over the holiday! Thanks for reading!
  6. Hello again pooches, Car has gone away now until Christmas because i'm off to uni... Here are a couple of parting shots Thanks for reading
  7. Hello again pooches! Managed to make a golf Mk4 handbrake fit in the 'rosa! Took a bit of faffing and fiddling but think its worth it! Also had some pics taken with my mates golf, thought i'd share Thanks for reading!
  8. Ok, so went to the Edition 38 meet in Bristol at the weekend and had a couple pics taken.. May have gotten onto the fast car website.. Cheeeers for reading
  9. A blacksmith made it for me! Cost me like £15, just some 1.8'' pipe.. Remove back-box and pipe bender. SOUNDS IMMENSE TOO.
  10. Just a couple more pictures for you! Parked up with my car fwiend... (Think the golf is lower though, DAMMIT.) THEY SEE ME ROLLIN' (Favourite picture of Brutus ever.) Cheers for reading
  11. Thank you guys! The door cards are being tidied as they are for now (as no moneys ha!) but hopefully will get them trimmed to match at some point. May flock parcel shelf and boot panel red?
  12. Right, well these happened. Also, she had a machine polish (with autoglym super resin polish) then sealed (autoglym high gloss protection) then poorboys' white diamond show glaze and finished off with their Natty's paste wax Thanks for reading!
  13. HURRAH! Just what I was going for, more updates on the way...
  14. I love the green seats! She's looking beautiful
  15. Went to a meet a few weeks back and had a nice photo taken by Phil from SlamMedia with Sophia's Lupo, thought i'd share it with you guys!
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