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  1. does any one have a manfold for 1.0e lupo  engine code ald

  2. Thanks Chris, Keeping my 4 ageing motors on the road is a full time occupation in itself. Plus the 3 three other projects on the go too! I come to work for a rest these days! Regards, Dale.
  3. I've now had a more indepth look. It took me 20 minutes to find it, after going through the list of connectors under the bonnet, which seems endless! The 47 pin connector on the ABS control module should have a plastic shell casing on the back, to stop water ingress etc. The cap is as long as the connector block and tapers off at one end. The price for this cap would be £6.00 inc P&P. Unfortunatley I don't have a picture of it, as there's none shown. Regards, Dale.
  4. Hi Chris, Yes, I've been trading since November last year I think it was. I have been carrying out some mail shots a few months back. I must have overlooked you, I do apologise. I've had a quick look and I cannot see a protective cover listed for the ABS pump wiring loom connector. Is the wiring just exposed then? Perhaps a picture might help! Regards, Dale.
  5. Hi Chris, You can buy just the window switches on their own. They are £19 each from me inc VAT and postage. All the parts I sell are 100% brand new, genuine VW parts. I can get these in, in a few days for you. Let me know if you'd like to order. Payments can be sent as a 'gift' made via PayPal to; dalespiers@hotmail.com (I ask people to send payments as gifts, then neither of us pay their fees) Please include your mailing address also. Regards, Dale.
  6. Yes, they are the same, as long as the model is not a GTi or and SDi as they are different. PM me with the registration numbers of each and I'll be able to give you the definitive answer.
  7. All genuine VW keys can be opened to change the battery. Take a photo of yours and post it on here, or you can email me directly; dalespiers@hotmail.com and we'll go from there Stuart. Regards, Dale.
  8. Have you checked the key fob battery, as these can affect the alarm going off, if there's a partial implausable signal from the remote when you press the button. Change the remote battery as matter of course too!
  9. I can supply these new for £19, so a second hand one seems rather expensive to me at £20. Let me know if you'd like to know more. Regards, Lupoboz.
  10. Yes, it would, because, if the switch is fautly, then (when the vehicle is above standard operating temperature) there would'n't be any feed going from the switch to the fan. Some models have a seperate switch, which is actually screwed to the radiator body itself. Let me know the regsitration number of your Lupo, then I'll be able to check this for you. PM me if preferred.
  11. As for the cooling fans not coming on. The cure will be the coolant temperature sensor. You already know the symptoms as the temperature gauge doesn't always read correctly, which shows that the sensor has an intermittent fault. Replace this sensor, £22 including postage (comes with the seal) and you'll find that both problems will potentially be solved. Regards, Dale.
  12. Headlining down and out is the only way really.
  13. That all sounds good to me! As for the intermittent temperature reading. I suspect you'd require a new coolant temperature sensor, as these do fail quite a bit. Let me know if you'd like a price for one.
  14. The break in the hose could be futher down, whereby the leak is exiting in front of the rear wheel. It'll be one of those jobs, that'll be, "seek and you shall find". Bearing in mind that your Lupo is now 16 years old. 122k miles is below average mileage. Average mileage would be around 160k. Does the gearbox feel okay to you? And is the clutch pedal travel quite high? As Lupo's that have been driven hard, do suffer from gearboxes, especially around this sort of mileage. If the above is fine, then you may have got a bargain. It's hard to say without seeing the car for myself. If your ever in Petersfield, Hampshire pop in and see me, as I work at White Rose VW, near the railwat station, pop in for a chat! Regards, Dale.
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