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  1. Sophiaaaaaa centra splits are gonna look awesome!
  2. So i finally got all my interior plastics back from paint which include, door handles, window switches, heater control surround, both heater vents, steering surround, top tpiece and center console and the cup holders Then i decided to get my lower sport valance color coded, so i got the rear bumper resprayed and color coded to match Then today i dropped the car off for a bonnet respray and front arch rolling Ive also began to flat and polish my head lights, replaced my old fogs with new ones and fitted a mk6 Rline gear knob now gotta just pray it all comes together for UD PHOTOS!
  3. Well the interior plastics are still not back from paint! sucks not having any audio or door handles for that matter! Anyway Perry from Rollin On Steelies asked if he could feature the car on there site! Jumped at the chance and couldnt be happier with it! Then Mike from Kleenfreaks has asked me to be on there stand at UD, over the moon that ive been asked again! So with that in mind the prep for UD began to get serious! Took the wheels off, polished them, sealed them then waxed them up look amazing! Then i got round to using some like glossy carbon fiber vinyl on the door handle inserts
  4. LIKE the idea of CS's man! your right they've been done loads but look amazing! cant wait to see this now audio install looks amazing, makes me wanna do mine!
  5. Yeah mate they've asked me to be on there stand agian so pretty chuffed!
  6. cheers Ross! No not yet haven't had time atm need to have a proper suss and I'm not the best with electrical!
  7. Looks so amazing Ben! Ill come have a chat on the Saturday with you
  8. Looks so good Ross! Been thinking of upgrading mine at some point might have to take a trip there! Can't wait to see it this year!
  9. Finally got round to giving the bay a good clean up! Also i spent Friday stripping some parts out of the interior then dropped them off for paint last night! Untitled by Craig Mahoney Photography, on FlickrUntitled by Craig Mahoney Photography, on Flickr
  10. Yay! glad shes all working again amber! Hope to see it at some shows this year!
  11. Thanks so much! Stripped out some more bits yesterday, dropping them off for some paint later!
  12. Thanks a lot mate! I'm running 13mm on the rears and none on the front! Thanks a lot mate! Thanks man!
  13. Few bits done Got round to getting some new plate bulbs as the ones i had where pants. Also managed to get round to painting up the engine, its a lighter silver than i wanted but oh well it will do for now! Also painted up a couple of other things under the bay so will get a photo up tomorrow. Brought a new engine badge to as the one i had came off somewhere Also will be stripping loads of plastics out tomorrow ready for paint _DSC5661 by Craig Mahoney Photography, on Flickr_DSC5715 by Craig Mahoney Photography, on Flickr_DSC5666 by Craig Mahoney Photography, on Flickr_DSC5683-2 by Craig
  14. Will do Ben! I'll snap some photos for you too
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