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  1. Ok, so the time has come to sell Clive, my 1L daily, I love him too much because of his colour but I need a diesel for work so he's gotta go! 1L 2002 88k on the clock (this will go up as time to time im still using him for work) MOT till August Had whole new exhaust system. New sump. Replaced subframe. New leeds, plugs and coil pack. All the above done August 2014 Previous owner also did a lot of work to this car including replacing the pedal box which is a common fault on arosa/lupos. Also replaced rear lights from arosa to lupo lights. There is a HUGE 60 page plus build thread from the previous owner on here. Body work isn't mint due to the car been 13 years old. From time to time it does struggle to start, this is once in a blue moon and when turning the key in the ignition you don't hear the electrics running to the fuel pump, this is when it don't start. 9 times out of 10 you hear the electrics run and it starts. The engine warning light is on, this has been for a while but the car drives fine, I have had it checked and from time to time it does go off but majority of the time its on. I'm still using this car to get to and from work on a daily basis doing around 30 to 40 miles and its driving fine. I will sell the car at £1300 as it is pictured FK coilovers, 1 Year old, been on the car since August 2014 Boot build with sub and amp (slight crack, but don't effect sound quality)(pictured) Doubled din head unit with usb slot to connect any usb device, ipod compatable or will sell at £900 with the car back to original standard, not including the above. I DON'T LOG ON CLUB LUPO AT ALL REALLY ANY PM'S I WILL TRY AND RESPOND TO BUT MAY BE DELAYED EITHER CONTACT ME VIA TEXT ON 07960173194 OR EMAIL kirstygreatrex@gmail.com
  2. Sorry i didnt put much info in here. It was running iffy at times so plugged in and was a problem with no 3 so replaced everything and problem is still there and engine light is on. Also from time to time seems to have less power then it normaly does... and yes pkrboo you did haha, small world!!!
  3. I need a little advice. I have a 1L arosa, recently the engine warning light has come on and sometimes will flash but it seems to idle lumpy, All leads, plugs and coil pack are new Any ideas???
  4. Kirsty91


    I have a canica blue arosa too I had mine from a guy called Adam on here, he has a build thread, search for AdamR4 and look at his build thread, might help or give you ideas
  5. I've had this exact same problem start the weekend. About 3 weeks ago had new plugs/leads and coil pack. Any ideas before I start looking tomorrow ?? Thanks I've had this exact same problem start the weekend. About 3 weeks ago had new plugs/leads and coil pack. Any ideas before I start looking tomorrow ?? Thanks
  6. So on Thursday the spacers arrived and Ross very kindly fitted them the weekend!!! Now he has 25mm spacers on the rear, I think a dry afternoon is needed and play with some spacers on the front to decided what size to get!!!
  7. Thanks VERY slow progress, I enjoy driving him to much !!!
  8. How did you clean little Clive's engine. Didn't wanna keep bugging you with texts. I've got Monday and tueaday off so deep clean for both cars is well over due. I read on your thread Adam you used the wheel cleaner. Is that right ? And he's been looked after. Had to make him 7 turns higher at the front as I couldn't get on the drive or even in the cul de sac. However his spacers have arrived. I'll get Ross on the case soon and upload some more pics
  9. Oh thanks LOL Id never scrap him!!!
  10. Thanks, im guessing somewhere between 69 and 71 haha, if you hear from me in a few days ive done something terribly wrong!!!! Saying that everyday i go to clean the cars my work shifts change so i end up working during the day and finishing at 6 and this time of year its well into the night by 4pm so cleanings a no go
  11. Thanks ohh dont sound like to much of a challenge, similar to cleaning the beetles engine, just the arosa ive got more electrical parts to worry about!!!! Is it best to do it from cold or warm?? or dont that make any difference ??
  12. It is indeed. And Its a 69 with 2 early front wings. Its clean for its age but up close has its fair few share of problems due to his age. Are you the James that taught Adam how to clean his engine, I was looking through his thread ages ago. Clive is due a deep clean and I haven't a clue where to start when it comes to cleaning a water cooled engine haha HELPPPPPPPP!!! lol Thanks, hopefully will change a lot within the next year!
  13. Since a couple of you asked to see the beetle, here he is! Its no where near perfect or how I want it but after all its doing well for a 44 year old car and will be a slow working progress! Just need summer to hurry up now so I can get him back out!!!!
  14. Ross said the exact same about the colour contrast too!!! Don't really want to go and spend ££££ on some wheels as my purpose for this car was to have as a daily so the beetle can be taken off the road and money saved to spend on it!!!
  15. I Never know where to start with these, however this car already has a pretty big build thread on here! Back at the start of December I brought Adam R4's Arosa as I currently have a 69 beetle but its just too cold to use in the winter and with the salt and bad weather I didn't really want it on the roads, so after running around trying to find a garage I finally found one to store him in and then along come the arosa as I needed a daily car to use! Myself and my other half went to go and pick it up on a Saturday night from Sandbach Services, however was rather challenging to drive home, I felt like I was on my driving lessons again as id been so used to driving a old car for so long, however loved the simple things again such as power steering, heaters, decent headlight etc. lol Then over Christmas I had been busy with work so not much as happened, however he is in the progress of getting new check straps fitted and currently awaiting some spacers which my other half ordered in December but they may have got lost in the post as they still haven't arrived :| Also had to get him to raise the arosa up on the front as it is impossible to get in or out the cul de sac where I live Below is just a few random photos Hopefully ill be able to post a little more when something more interesting happens with him !!! Then after having him less then 24 hours Ross decided he wanted to see what the BBS would look like, honestly I have never been a HUGE fan but it kept him occupied for a hour or so and this was the outcome...
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