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  1. Last pic before going standard and for sale
  2. stunning work, bet you got some fans in the ford world they love a concours restore
  3. lol'd at bumpers from amercia mind more like cardiff
  4. bumpers worth more than that crazy price for a tdi with out them
  5. few more pics. setting in nice now
  6. rob_pandy

    Boot lid

    early arosa bootlid has the same handle but no recess, the other difference is the galss goes to the edge of the tailgate but more than likley need to be painted so not a cheap fix but better than filler
  7. i had to strip my last ones down take the gas insert out then heat the collor with a blow lamp and turn with a large monkey wrench went frist time then with no shouting or throwing tools in temper
  8. loked lovely over the weeekend mate stong work
  9. theres a werid lip on the inside so not sure i can machine some ali ones up if i cant find something to fit
  10. centre caps never come up so have to size up something to fit and get stickers made up
  11. fettled the back more now looks like this comments welcome
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