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  1. I'll have a nosey tomorrow in the engine bay. The fuse box looked absolutely fine. All fuses looked normal and all pushed in lol. I'll have an inspect of the relay area tomorrow too. I'll keep this updated. Won't stop until it's found
  2. So just got back from a drive. Reset the codes but no change to the driveability. Same symptoms just no engine light. But I know it will be back. Scanned the car again and got the three codes as shown on the image. That's with the engine light out. I changed the fuse as mentioned but had no effect.
  3. Not sure I want to pull things apart to make it faster. I just want it to run 100% correct. I have a 3.0turbo for speed Just took it out and engine light is back on..so gonna get the codes again now. I'll replace the fuse as said above before.
  4. Oh yea. Apart from being very loud and 50% power, it's all great! The engine light has been on since I bought it and that was because of the faults. Literally just plugged in my OBD reader this morning and found some faults but I knew that, and cleared them. The engine light has gone out for now, but two faults remain. The engine is the same, loud and slow. That's the only issue.
  5. Ok so are you saying take out a relay, and stick the probes into the holes? Literally have no clue haha!
  6. Ok so I got myself a multi meter, I have ordered a new relay just to be sure. I will also replace the fuse as above. Are there any guides to checking the connections with the multi meter. I have done many mechanical things on a car but never electricals. Thanks for the help.
  7. do you have those pics please might attempt this.
  8. Hello! I am new but old, just got myself a little run about lupo! I haven't been on this forum since 2008 when I bought my first one! Like many I am here to seek advice on some faults first before I can make it my own. It's a 2004 1.7SDI. Perfect for daily workhorse life. I got it of a great family who had lost time and money trying to diagnose the faults. I wil upload a picture. Apparently it could need a new ECU but could be the relay 109 that I have been researching. The faults were cleared and came back each time. Any help appreciated!
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