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  1. There are two basic Fox variants. The 1.2 three cylinder and the 1.4 model. The 1.2 is the much more economical car. i have owned three of the 1.2 model, covering about 80k miles. They have proven to be more or less trouble free. It’s a good, practical workhorse, but built to a budget. There is plenty of front tyre noise in the cabin and performance is adequate. The gearing means that the car will go most places in 4th and 5th gear. Motorways are no problem but petrol consumption dips if you get too enthusiastic. The only problems I had were as follows: 1. Speedo display packed up, but this was replaced under warranty. 2. Blown fuses from trying to use rear wiper in freezing weather. 3. Front washer hose leak where it meets the bonnet...design issue 4. Electronic boot catch fail 5. Electric window motor fail. Servicing of the 1.2 is simple and dirt cheap. There is a Base and an Urban model. The latter has a few extras such as split and sliding rear seat, opening rear windows, central locking and electric windows. As a workhorse, I personally think it takes some beating. I taught my son to drive in the Fox too. The clutch is light and the gearbox is smooth. Good basic car, with a high driving position that gives good visibility. Good luck.
  2. Sony CDX GT57OUI Face off radio cassette with cabling, removal keys, mounting cage and front trim. I removed this from my Lupo to install the original equipment Blaupunkt radio cassette. Radio works fine. I never used the CD player.
  3. Walser, an Austrian company, make particularly good seat covers. https://www.walser-shop.com/en Maybe worth a look.
  4. Thanks. I appreciate your thoughts on price. I just want someone to make use of them rather than sit around at my place.
  5. Four VW Softline Lupo Alloys with Tyres from my 2000 Lupo. Two tyres with 6mm tread. Two tyres with 5mm tread. The alloys are cosmetically marked as is shown in the pictures but very serviceable. Locking wheel bolts included. 4 x 100 ET 38 175/65/13 Wheels located on the North Worcestershire/South Shropshire border. For collection only. £95. They are surplus to requirements and I don’t want to store them.
  6. 55mm x 48mm so measure the base It is flexible and you may warm it in hot water to stretch it
  7. Yes
  8. It just stretches under the base and tucks in underneath
  9. Just stretch it over the base. No need to remove headliner or the base screw. No connections needed
  10. The link I sent you will sort it. That is what happened to my rubber gasket
  11. Thanks for that. I don’t know this stuff
  12. Not necessary for the gasket. It stretches over the base
  13. It’s easy. Just place over the base and stretch it into place. No silicone is necessary.
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