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  1. Thanks for your detailed reply, much appreciated! I saw it was the 'S' spec being the highest spec so was really happy with that! Regarding the points you raised: the pop out windows work, it has 2 keys, central locking works and electric windows work. I will check that the rear wash & wipe, anti fog and clutch pedal position when I get it. What do you mean when you say 'Check the key is the same as the front doors.'? Do you mean the key to open the tailgate? I have seen a rear tailgate on ebay (see link below), do you think this is upto standard? I will confess I am not a mechan
  2. Didn't get any photos of the interior, I will take some when I receive the car next weekend. I don't know why the tailgate is black but I quite like it. There is a silver tailgate on ebay for £61 if I want to get the colour of the car back in synch!
  3. Here are some photos, just edited out the numberplate as I have not received the car yet - it's getting delivered next sat! It is getting a service and mot but are there any other things I need to get checked or look out for? The timing belt was done in 2015 (only 7,000 miles done since then), I don't really know much about the insides of the car so don't know how often that needs to be replaced? What about the water pump (is that correct)? This is my first lupo you so go easy on me haha!
  4. Hi, I have been lurking on here a month or so and reading up on the great little car that is the Lupo! I wanted a cheap, reliable and trustworthy car for the commute so getting rid of my Honda Civic Type R (I know bit of a difference in cars haha) and have today purchased a silver, low mileage (54k) 1.7 SDI for £2.5k. Anyway its in good nick and has service history from 2007 and just 1 scratch on bumper and the strip along the side needs sealing down which will be sorted with the purchase along with MOT and service. Interestingly it has a black boot door which is a little differ
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