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  1. Thanks for the interest everyone, She's now been re homed! x
  2. We're off on a camper van trip but back early February and sadly, she will be going on the market then if anyone's interested. I will update. Thanks for looking. Phil
  3. You can see the side of our camper and my wife's mini, hence no room for my lovely Lupo sadly! Now just retired we can't justify three vehicles. I had an SDI 1.7 for several years and replaced it with this one a couple of years back as I said. Love Lupo's!
  4. Hi LB04 XFM a few pics I've just taken. Will get better ones at some stage before I go on auto trader etc and January. The MOT is current but I will have another -put on when I advertise it.
  5. There will be pics very soon, I'm just tied up over xmas. It's just north of Norwich, NR12 . Current mileage is 29,830
  6. Well I spent a long time looking for it and bought it 2.5 years ago for £2,600. It had been garaged in Bloomsbury London and the original owner did 17K. If anyone wants more please let me know before I advertise it. Cheers
  7. I will be reluctantly selling my lovely cornflower blue, 1 litre, petrol Lupo (called Bluebell) at the end of Jan/beginning Feb (we travel too much in our camper and can't justify two cars as well). At just over 30,000 it's about the lowest mileage for a 2004 Lupo you'll find. Two owners from new, FSH. Recent clutch, cam belt, water pump, gear box bearing (due to first owner keeping car in central London and using gears a lot). Tyres good. No smoking, children or pets. Interior pretty amazing. Small mark on rear bumper where my wife's car nudged it, but have paint to do it with. Not advertised anywhere at time of posting this, but if anyone is interested I will be asking £1,590 ono. It will have a full MOT and service. Photo to come. Thanks, Phil.
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