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  1. Just thinking of mounting a nextbase 350BT DAB unit in the car (don't wanna put a fancy headunit in there for it to get stolen) and have this laying around. Where would everyone say to mount the unit, i don't really want it on the window screen so on the dash somewhere would be perfect just not sure where, and also would tapping into the Stereo or Cig lighter fuse be OK? (piggy back fuse holder)
  2. Yep impact gun would be my first option, and then would try getting a slightly bigger torx / allen and hammmer it into the hole and hope that grips it while turning the nut with a spanner.
  3. @mk2 Thanks mate, yeah we did look at them both ways and to be honest it didn't really make any difference to the fitment. We just wasn't sure if there was a 'correct' position. Alignment ill get done tomorrow on way home from work (its slightly out, but got the old chalk and tape out to get it driveable for tomorrow)
  4. So today i got around to doing my control arm replacements. Passenger side was nice and easy to do, done in 30 minutes. Drivers side on the other hand what a pain in the arse, noticed straight away the oil sump in the way of the bolt undone it to the point it was hitting the pan, needed literally half an inch of clearance to get the bolt out, so decided against undoing the sub frame bolt as i know the bolt inside the frame can become dislodged and a complete pain in the arse to put the bolt back in so went with the drivers side engine mount, undone the bolt a touch got another jack and a bit of wood and jacked up the engine up an inch to have clearance to get the bolt out and in, once done lowered the jack and did the engine mount back up. (took about an hour) I also replaced the anti roll drop links as the others was well shagged for a better word, my question is does it matter which way they face? as the one we took off was almost straight but the replacement ones i got from autodoc had abit of a kink in the design they fitted both ways so just had them both fixed the same way, just thought i would ask if there was a 'correct' way? Just need to take it for a alignment tomorrow as tracking is abit out now.
  5. It really does look like its supposed to open, a good idea where to put a DAB antenna there if the signal is clear, i have a nextbase dab unit kicking about somewhere.
  6. @mk2 While you're here mate, don't suppose you can tell me if the cut out above the two central air vents in the dash so above the vents top of dashboard is that a compartment if so how do i open it? my other guess is its maybe where the motor goes for the air vents?
  7. @mk2 Spot on fella thank you, so maybe the heat didn't do it. I'll give it a go and report back. (Slamming the door would explain it, im waiting on a new check door strap to arrive mines gone does the whole 'clicking' thing when opening and closing the door)
  8. So with this heat i have noticed that the corner of my drivers door outer rubber seal seems to not be connecting with the roof pillar out by a half a cm. So when it rained the other day a small amount of water seemed to collect in between the door and inner door seal so as i opened the door it dripped into my seat. Is there a way to sort this? I was thinking about nudging the door latch back a couple mm to solve the issue?
  9. Keep us posted mate, sounds like you're making some good progress!
  10. Its all good, it was more just to keep the GF safe when driving at night, so just incase she forgets to hit that lock all button on the door it would do it automatically. The windows thing was more for me the amount of times on nice days i get out the car and leave the window open, wish the windows would go up on the key fob button, rather than having to put the key in the door but does make it easier than going back into the car etc.
  11. Yep agree'd really handy can go get parts, or have them delivered real quick never had a problem with them before ordering parts, but ordered parts for my Arosa and been nothing but wrong which is annoying. Autodoc is handy but its around a week or two from time of order to delivery.
  12. carparts4less ordered loads of parts never a problem before ordered parts for my Arosa and been nothing but wrong parts and issues. I found if you have the waiting time, Autodoc is far better to use, can cross ref parts against the VIN of the car to make sure what comes is correct and right and never had a problem with them. Hope you get the problem solved mate
  13. Thanks guys, yeah i have access to VAGCOM so will get it programed in for the auto lock, unlock on key removal, Yeah i was abit unsure about the windows going up once doors locked just thought it would be handy.
  14. Should my car have it activated 'as standard' or is this something that needs to turned on by VagCom.. Should it even have the feature at all im reading conflicting reports some say they have it some say they dont. The feature where the car auto locks when you go above 10mph, and unlocks all the doors once either the key is removed or you press the unlock doors button. I also read somewhere you can have it so your car windows do up when you get out and press the central locking button is this something i can program it to do or not possible. I have the Mk2 Arosa.
  15. Great follow up always good to see when someone solves a problem they come back with how and what. It then goes on to help others
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