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  1. I would take the time and get the easier cheaper bits fixed, a good wash and polish and try to get maximum for it. You know what its set you back, what you can put into it and what you want for it. If you can get an MOT on it, your money will instantly go up also.
  2. Its really simple to do, once you know what you're doing. One thing i forgot to point out is check the colour of the led for example mine are red to match the rest but i did see some had a blue led and others was white i saw on eBay, no issue if you don't care but for me being abit OCD it would of drove me mad.
  3. Yes you can replace the switch my drivers side switch also failed a few months back so i ordered a pair from eBay for around £10 i think it was. I believe the switches usually fail as water will run in off the roof and when the window is open it usually hits the switch unit causing corrosion on the contacts of the switch. (I could be wrong) Some bits to help, the door card around the unit marks really easy so if you're bothered about marking it get yourself some decent plastic removal tools or have a cloth or something ready to put under whatever you use to get the unit out. On the Unit below the door lock / unlock buttons is where there is a tab that sticks out under the door card to keep the unit in place, so you may want to get a flat removal tool and press inwards to depress the tab in which will aid loads in removing the switch. once the unit is removed you can remove the switch you want to replace there is a couple of tabs keeping the switch in place i used a very small flat headed screwdriver to pull the tbas back and then pushed the switch out, replace switch and before you re-seat it all in the door card make sure it works. Will take around 20 minutes to do, trickiest part for me was getting the unit out without marking the surrounding areas of the door card. (I guess the other option would be to completely remove the door card to gain access)
  4. Nice mate, glad you got sorted. I know its £105 but if its all matching its worth it. result
  5. I don't have one, but i did see there was some on eBay for around £20 + delivery.
  6. There is a touch of rust bubble around the size of a 10p which is near the top corner of the bumper, guessing water sits there or there is a screw or grommet? Other than that is some scratching around the main 'lip' of the arch directly above the wheel, (before the contour if that makes sense) and then pushed in not to far may i add maybe 2cm inward for about 30cm along at most so i think its defiantly something that can be tapped out the scratches will need sanding back and then the usual paint routine. I have noticed some scratch marks to the alloy also, but they're standard and have enough marks on them for a car as old as it is its really clean, so the arch is annoying as it lets the car down. Was really hoping for a new one i could just spray and bolt on to save work but its one of them things.
  7. @mk2 Yeah that is my other option, im lucky in the fact we have a workshop (family race stadium cars) so my last resort is to remove the wing, try to push the dent out as best as possible, sand the panel down then respray it, am i right in thinking my colour code is in the boot? im going to guess its 'flash red'
  8. Yeah that was my concern. I seem to have looked everywhere for a 'new' wing but most places don't stock them now and finding a good one from a breakers is proving just has hard to do.
  9. Hi guys, Just wanted to ask a question i've used google but to no avail, so thought here would be a good idea, i parked my car in a supermarket car park (which i always try to avoid at all costs, but this time i couldn't) and low and behold some clown has hit my front arch scratched and dented it all and drove off, leaving me with the bill of fixing it. Looking for a Seat Arosa 2004 (Mk2) front drivers side wheel arch is proving a right pain, but the VW Lupo arch is very much available and can get delivered in no time but here is the question would it fit? (I don't want to change anything other than the front drivers wing) By fit i mean is it a direct swap. Bolt off, Bolt on. Thank You.
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