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  1. Great write up, and thanks for coming back to post you got it sorted. Great attention to detail in the posts, and it will no doubt help others out in the future!
  2. Thats good to know, with some luck its not that but IF it ever was to go would have to see if its actually worth replacing or selling and picking somehting up till i get my project built. The car owes me nothing to be honest. From what i see the replacement is pretty straight forward just the sheer bolts can be an arse looking at it but nothing we can't sort. I think its more picking up the parts you need after doing a search online i can't actually find one new.
  3. So took the car out again yesterday, and didn't squeak. Tried to check pedal box out as much as possible as above but couldn't see anything what looked cracked, stressed, looked out of sorts. Pedal works fine, returns as normal, sits right, feels right, no crunching in the gear changes. Haven't tried that yet, thats todays job going to go pick some up and give it a good going over.
  4. Ok so that solves that issue, and makes me look a little silly in the process. So maybe a stiff cable? Any ideas?
  5. So my Arosa mk2 (1.0ltr S, 2004) has started to make a Squeak when releasing the clutch pedal. My very first thought was here comes the pedal box issue, but we examined it best we could without physically taking the pedal box out and everything looks fine, no cracks or signs of stress in the pedal box infact we think its been replaced before i bought it. So we removed the drivers seat so we could get a proper look under and at the pedal box, with lights, a bore scope and i took some HDR photos and enlarged them on computer and all looks fine, the clutch pedal operates as should returns just fine, sits the same height as brake pedal etc. EDIT - Cable controlled doh! Any ideas guys?
  6. Sorry Stu mate, Thanks for putting that up i used that and got a set of plugs from eurocarparts. Just got to fit them, but the weather has been ass this past week so not got around to it.
  7. I use around £10 a week in fuel (petrol) driving to and from work and pottering about daily. Its cheaper to run the Arosa than it was any of my motorbikes i've had doing the same thing (and loads warmer this time of year)
  8. Whats everyone using, or could recommend i use for a 2004 Arosa 1.0s
  9. I used these on my Arosa 1.0s 2004 Length [mm]:342 Thickness [mm]:11,5 Straight swap, stood them next to the springs i replaced and was pretty much spot on. Front Spring Link - Autodoc
  10. Thank you, H4's it is been waiting for a reply till i bought some will get some ordered this week! Thanks @Stephenmacleod
  11. Something so simple, and always one of the last things you would think of checking. Top work on getting to the bottom of the issue, and coming back to report what was wrong. You never know it may help others!
  12. There seem to be a H4 and a H7 varient, something of which im not so clued up. Anybody help me on this please?
  13. @Mattymdm Hi mate, thanks for the input do you mean these ones? Should i get the H4's Euro car parts link.
  14. Just looking for some recommendations on headlight bulbs. Been looking at the philips xtremes H7's Budget around £20-£30 (NO Kits, just a simple plug and play style bulb if possible) - Arosa Mk2 Thanks
  15. Theres a fella who lives around here, got a silver Lupo and hes got a roof rack on his and in the back hes got his tools for work, looks like he does building work. Looks like hes removed the rear seats and uses it more as a 'van' ill have a look next time i see it.
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