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  1. If any one is having trouble with water leaking in to their car, have a look at attached photo, I have taken the shroud off that that goes around the wheel arch and found it all silted up almost to the hole "arrowed" ,this hole goes into the cab so when it rained the water goes straight through the hole. Cleared all the silt way and have had no problems since. By the way I had the same problem on the passenger side and have cured tis as well. Hope this helps someone else.
  2. Just changed the door locking mechanism and the windows seemed to have stayed shut for about a week now. so lets hope
  3. ROTFL got there before you, had so many quips on this one so decided to call a preacher in for him to do an exorcism but still no joy LOL
  4. Hi Skezza first of all thanks for trying to help. No the keys are not in the ignition when this occurs, I've removed the switches out of the driver side door and they've still opened, on one occasion I turned the side lights on and this opened the windows. I'm also having problems with the door locking mech so am going to get another door switch and lock assembly today to see if that helps. Not being used to these electronic type cars could you tell me what you mean by CCM.
  5. Help! I have a problem where my 2001 3 door Lupo windows will open by themselves when the car is parked up. car can be left for some time, then all of a sudden i'll find both driver/passenger door window have opened. any ideas would greatly appreciated.
  6. where to get driver side door locking mech swansea area

  7. Hi anybody know where i can get a lambda sensor (in the or around cardiff, sawnsea, or gloucester area ) for 1.4 lupo, i'm looking for the one before the cat and i'm told it's a 5 wire one.
  8. Yet another one from South Wales, I am looking for some help as to where i can get a lambda sensor for my 1.4 lupo. anywhere in Swansea, Cardiff, Newport, Bristol, or Gloucester areas will do.as i go to Gloucester most weekends
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