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  1. That would be helpful. I think my belts are starting to sqreech. If you gonna do your belts I'd love to learn from you
  2. Bump: Downloaded VCDS and got my cable connected. Only fault with the car comes back as P1161 - Manifold Temperature sensor (G72) Not sure why my cheap code reader got a different result but im trusting the VCDS. Now i just need to know where to check this bloody fault.
  3. does the cost of the SVO unless its free, outweigh the drop in mpg. once i have swapped my glow plugs since one is down, i was thinking of adding some oil to myn
  4. i dont know about the arosa, but the relays are under the steering wheel to the right, behind the normal fuses. you have to move that out the way.
  5. on my 1.7SDI i worked out an average of 55mpg. im happy enough considering my normal car does 25. Myn is on 140k tho and hasnt been cleaned in its life no doubt.
  6. Keeping this going: Not much has happened recently. Got a new IAT sensor which didnt do anything. Connected to my cheap code reader and did some logs. It looks as if the temperature sensor reads 215 degrees when i got my foot on the gas,, but if i coast of dip the clutch down, it returns to the normal levels.. So must be a voltage thing. I have downloaded VCDS Lite and have a cable on order. Im hoping this will be more helpful. My electric door switch seems to be linked to the runners, its like to go half way up from the bottom, then get stuck and go back down, so im assuming there is an obstruction or just need a lube. bit cold for me to start messing with that so for now, i will concentrate on the IAT sensor.
  7. You'll be pleased to know these are now £0.59p each brand new from the dealer.
  8. interesting read. must get some software to read mine
  9. Bringing this back to life. Had had quotes from £350 - £500 to replace the belts. On a car i bought for £400 i just cant justify it, so does anybody want to help me do it? 1.7 SDI woop woop. Never done a cambelt before but handy enough with spanners, have axle stands,jacks,tools etc just need guidance from someone who has dealt with these engines before. Also, i am getting VCDS lite so i can check the timing. ~Money and or beer can exchange hands *Serious Request*
  10. Update: Found some NGK ones that seem to be the correct for my car. Gonna order them when I can. Needs a new IAT sensor I rekon, Window switch Front grille Boot lid. Also bought some cheap GTI wheels for a song. Just need new tyres. Thought this car was suppose to save me money haha
  11. The did say I had a glow plug down, so I'm just trying to find some decent bosch etc ones to be replaced. ~Any tips? Cant see to find the correct fitting ones
  12. Still Updating this: Had the car in the electrical diagnostic people, and apparently found the fault to be the ECU. A used ECU was purchased off Ebay, and apparently the faults I had didn't move and so it was clean. The ECU is now being cloned, I can only assume that means I don't have to get a new key/ disable the immobiliser. All well and good I can pick the car up very soon. Will update when I get the car back!
  13. why would you want to ruin your handling by making it that low.
  14. Update. Fitted the exhaust at the local garage. Fumes are still higher than I'd like but that is also a factor of the engine problems. At some point a full system will be purchased as The wife has asthma and she has a noise like a dog haha. To my annoyance I booked the car into a local auto electrician to see if they can give me any pointers where this earthing problem is coming from . I want the thing fixed so I can start to enjoy it!! Hopefully they will know more tomorrow. If I can't get this diagnosed for a reasonable amount of money then we might have to cut our losses and sell Not sure what else I can do with my limited knowledge of electrical systems.
  15. Sarahs Lupo

    Hi From Japan

    is living in japan everything like the "The fast and furious, Tokyo Drift". If it is.. im packing my bags
  16. I have a link but mine is only a back box part. What I did was use a website for the part number and then cross referenced on eBay. This is the website for the parts. https://volkswagen.7zap.com/en/rdw/lupo++lupo+3l+tdi/lu/2004-441/2/ And my exhaust. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F150480071977
  17. Managed to get the car on ramps and cut through the section of the pipe. I got a new exhaust from eBay, quality is questionable but it will do for a few years I'm sure. Only problem is, a bloody cross member in the way. So that stopped play trying to thread the exhaust over the top. Need more ground clearance so need someone with a lift. Pain in the ass
  18. So currently I am installing a new backbox. In the image shown below is how I bought it so at least it won't kill me when I drive it around with all the fumes.
  19. Sarahs Lupo

    SDI tuning...

    this is great mk2 , you really know your stuff with these cars
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