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  1. The interior light? Ok so I generally keep it ‘off’ - When I put it on, its dim until the ignition is on then becomes much brighter. I’ll check in the morning on it turning itself on/off with door open/close(which is what I assume you mean) is it worth noting that the previous owner appears to have fitted a ‘super bright’ interior light replacement? Externally OEM.. Thanks, Vince.
  2. What would I need to do to check the wiring?(wiring novice here) I can pull the rear door lock apart & have a fiddle- was planning to tbh. thanks 🙂
  3. Hi, After some help with my cars locking system. I’ve seen multiple threads but not seen one with exactly the same issue & im hoping someone can help. symptoms as follows: -Lock the drivers door manually with the key & the passenger side unlocks itself, same with the boot. The same with the internal lock button on the drivers door. -Boot won’t lock even with the key. -Key buttons do nothing(I can live with this but changing the battery does nothing- If an easy fix then great!) Any assistances gladly received. Vince.
  4. I ordered some ‘MyCar’ ones from Germany Via ebay when I posted my thanks for the suggestion here & they arrived a few days ago. just fitted & working as they should. Now to follow the steps above to fix the dragging window but as I already have a new regulator I think I’ll just replace! many thanks to all, Vince.
  5. Cheers. That’s a potential cheap solution. will buy now. many thanks, Vince.
  6. Hi... Given this thread was active in 2012 I’d be amazed if I get any help but here goes: Before I start the above easy to follow guide, I’m sure my issue is electrical or not; passenger side works fine as it should. drivers side button for passenger will only go up, not down. drivers side button for drivers window makes a noise for up, lights up when lights are on & if by some miracle you are able to fiddle the wires just right you can get the window to edge down a cm or two, but jams. How can I troubleshoot the electrics here? Many thanks to anyone who can assist. Vince.
  7. Hi, I thank you all in advance for assisting on the following: I need a complete set of coolant hoses for my 2003 Lupo Sport featuring air conditioning. I can’t seem to find these parts anywhere & I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get them from apart from VW themselves.. I thank you again in advance 🤞. Vince.
  8. These cars look so nice.. it’s a shame that they lose so much value when you improve/modify them... this one looks nice though..
  9. Hi, I’m Vince, 27 & from Bristol & a lover of all small & fast things. On my second lupo, still have my 1st. 1.4s in Yellow & a 1.4Sport in Silver, plus multiple other non VW toys. Came on here for technical support & happy to help with anything I can for anyone, toolkit at the ready! Aha. many thanks, Vince.
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