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  1. Yes, this is the noise that I usually hear, but from what you're saying this could be a problem common to other identical cars. I think the noise is directly related with the intake manifold or air filter tubing. Probably poor parts design. So I questioned whether moving to a more recent intake manifold, for example the VW Caddy SDI or later Ibiza, could help with the ressonance problem. I also noticed that for example, in the Caddy Mk3, in addition to the air filter box, there is a ressonance box: Could the ressonance box help with the noise? I think not. I've already replaced the air filter box supports with new ones and insulated the breathing tube that goes out to a car stringer. Could You please explain me that point better? My inlet manifold is like that:
  2. The car itself is an Ibiza 6K2 SDI, but I have had it for 17 years and over this time I have invested a lot in the car. To give you an idea, at this point the car already has practically all the extras that came out for this model (and some that didn't, but that I adapted from other VAG models) and it looks like a Cupra R. it has 280mm in the front and disc braking in the rear. It has a Cupra suspension, with new shock absorbers, bushes, synoblocks, etc., all new. It has an interior upholstered in leather / alcantra, AC, which has already been adapted by me, immaculate painting, etc., etc. This car never gave any major problems, just problems related to normal wear of the parts. I already replace bearings, driveshafts, clutch, bushes, engine mounts, shock absorbers, alternator, etc. But engine or gearbox was never open for repair.
  3. 400 000 Km (250 000 mi) and counting. 😉
  4. You know tell me what is the realy function of choke flap valve in SDI engines? Under what circumstances does it open and close?
  5. mk2, many thanks for this information. I have made a complete cleaning in the intake manifold at some time ago and I have deleted the EGR by adding a EGR delete plate. I only don't disconnected the breather pipe. Should I have do it? But my really question in this topic is about ressonance in my engine in low revs (aprox 2000 revs), and how I can fix that? Like You can see in above pictures, my intake manifold is diferent from the lupos and early 1.9 and 2.0 SDI engines. For example in Your Lupo SDI, you can hear the same ressonance? (I'm asking because in Lupo intake manifold is diferent) I can hear this ressonance since the car was new.
  6. I use 5W40 since my car was new. Now with 400M Km with no engine problems.
  7. SDI uses 5W40 or 10W40 with VW 501 01/505 00 spec
  8. Sorry, but I don't understand Your answer.
  9. Hi mk2, many thanks for your answer. Ressonance could be good, but noise is But noise is bad. 😀 . I think the ressonance can be related with the plastic intake manifold. There will be some way to fix this problem? If I change the plastic intake manifold, with a newer one from recent car, this problem could be solved? What could be the advantage of delete choke flaps?
  10. Another question, I have seen that some Golfs and Caddys SDI's come equipped with a four-pin anti-vibration valve in inlet manifold, and mine comes with a 2-pin valve. What is the advantage of the 4-pin valve? 4 pin wire valve 2 pin wire valve Thanks again.
  11. Hello people, My Seat ibiza MK3 SDI (AQM engine) has a plastic intake manifold, like the image below, and since it was new it makes an audible resonance between 1500 and 2500 revs, especially with the engine loaded. Would you be able to eliminate this resonance if you installed an Ibiza MK4 manifold? The MK4 collector is the one in the following image: Many thanks in advance.
  12. Hello people, My name is martins, I'm from Portugal, I don't have a VW lupo, but I'm owner an Seat Ibiza with an SDI engine. I signed up for this forum, because it is one of the few where some information about SDI engines is discussed. I hope to learn a lot from you and as far as possible share some information as well. Thank You all.
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