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    So seeing as we are finallly allowed to go for a drive, i've been making the most of it recently. I went for a bit of a blast last night with a mate in his Clio 200, they are very well matched on the road, his is more setup for track so a bit too stiff for the roads. Straight line performance they are exactly the same! We've booked a trackday at Snett for 4th June also Would of been rude not to take a few pictures
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    Some more from today. There are some scratches and blemishes that it's going into the paint shop for in a couple of weeks and the wheels are being refurbed.
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    Well I replaced the seal today and so far so good. Apart from being a bit of a faff to get the old one out it went pretty well. Shaft looked ok too so I greased the new seal up and knocked it in square with a socket. I'll see how it goes when it's warmed up as that's when it seems to drop the most oil but for now I'm happy. Thanks everyone for your help so far
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    After testing all our skills in sanding, filling, painting and laquering a black indicator panel and then building broken the support brackets from plastic, glue and nuts/bolts this morning we have: Its still not 100%, but once the local breakers yeard opens up, i will find the parts i need. It does look better though! All credit to my daughter who has learnt the fine art of painting and sanding....
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    I’ve recently bought my second gti but it’s my first time in the club. My new one is completely standard with a few minor issues some sorted already speak to ya all soon ✊
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    There's a 1L in A1 breakers in Winnersh area. I think it's been pretty much stripped given how scarce Lupos are down here, but the wings were still on, so the clips might be still there. I don't have a single one that's not on a car. I think I've seen them on ebay for a few quid. Might be worth a bit of research time...?
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    Hi Everyone just thought I’d say hello.. I’ve picked up an accident damaged Lupo GTI today on a 52 plate. with only 1 owner from new having covered 63k miles (you might have seen it advertised on eBay) As you can see it needs various front end parts which I’ve managed to mostly source (even the headlight!) however I could do with a O/S wing if anyone has one let me know! Comes with the original documentation, service books and maunuals from new, it even has all 3 keys (1 plastic) so, once repaired it should be a nice appreciating modern classic.. Thanks for reading! simon
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    Some priming tonight after getting some parts blasted
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    More lupos than 6n2 polos up here.
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    I'm convinced that Lupos are going the way of Mk2 golfs... Ever more desirable as they become rarer and rarer. Even in breakers' yards Lupos are a rare sight now. Be nice to see one of the first Lupos in the UK go to a good home again. My fav colour too.
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    No easy way... You may need to pull out the blower motor and get in there with a vacuum cleaner. You could have a look if you can see anything via the pollen filter holder (removed first). If the bits are downwind of the heater matrix and are already in the ducts, you might be able to blow them back down into the foot vents and then out with the blower motor. Careful use of the air direction control will help Try a cold hair dryer first. Then compressed air if no luck.
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    If the timing is correct and the wiring is checking out fine between the sensors and ecu. Have you swapped out said components with new? Also do the fault memories occur when its running or just with ignition on? What diagnostic equipment you using aswell?
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    Here you go this is the engine diagram. Engine.pdf
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    Hi all Recently joined and asked advice on the input shaft seal which returned excellent replies. Well the seal has been done, and holding oil nicely. Took the door card off to find out why the door pop up button didn't seem right and was pleasantly surprised to find a central locking kit had been fitted previously but the wires had obviously been fouling the window and so one had been pulled out hence no central locking. Reconnected it and made sure it was clear and now it works again. A nice little bonus. Fitted a new exhaust as its the daughter's first car and the straight through pipe probably wouldn't have helped her insurance! Fitted a reverse cam too as she's used to one in her learner car. Got oil, plugs and filters on the way. And finally got new tyres and wheels on today. Thanks for having me here, it's been a great club for info so far. Hope you like the pic Cheers everyone!
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    The right wheels always finish off a car.
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    Sharp little car. Nice! That one's a keeper.
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    yeah, it's smart that! Nice to see one where the sills aren't all chewed to bits!
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    That looks like a lovely motor, Rob, bet your Daughters well pleased. 🙂👍
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    On a standard shock, the setup to get the camber right is to get the lower edge of the wheel as close into the car as poss, while pulling the top of the wheel out. But my guess is that you have loads of adjustment slop? You could find a level car park and setup the camber using a spirit level. Staright ahead should be vertical or about 0.2 to 1degree positive. I'd start with the ball joints first- push them is as far as they go and lock off the three bolts. Then mess with the shocks to get the angle right. Then finally tracking...
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    Good example to use to show insurance companies the true value of a Lupo GTi in good nick.
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    I figured you were after reading something. I'll whip them off today and let you know the craic on them.
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    Yeah, it's only a cover... But before messing with anything, I'd clean it well and try and find where any leak is coming from. Might not be the box. I'd be tempted to pull it out and have a good look through everything. Worst thing about removing boxes is the the half shafts. Everything else is easy/straight forward. Edit- just realised we're talking about the 6 spd box... The cover is different (magnesium not pressed steel) and holds two bearings in place. When you pull it off, you need to ensure you don't twist it diagonally- it needs to come straight off so the bearings don't get damaged. Easier when warmed up a bit. Also the most common place for a leak on vdub boxes is the output flange seals (next to the diff).
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    Yes - you have found the fill and drain - heres a clearer view of the fill point: I filled mine with the box out of the Lupo, its 1.9 for 5 speed and a very annoying 2.1 litres for 6 speed Make sure the fill can undo before doing the drain
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    Here's the pollen filter how to Ray
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    Managed to get it in using minimal amount of lube without issues! Just used a small basic workshop vice to press it in, so to summarise yes it is possible to put in a GTi Powerflex lower engine mount for a weekend warrior without using any power tools. Halfords advanced socket set, saw, flathead screwdriver and vice. If the arm itself doesn't need painting and doesn't have any corrosion on it then it's not a long job either!
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    id use as little lube as you can on this one, ive had one on my gti pop out. it does get abused though
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    yeah, i drilled mine out! The powerflex one, you'll think you won't be able to get it in, but like a lot of things in life, if you use enough force and some gentle lubrication you'll get it there.
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    This is true. Especially for the GTi. I recall someone years ago towing a caravan similar to this one, I'm thinking a TDI, I'll dig out a picture sometime.
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    Purchased one from the NL
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    Primed and first coat of paint, need to wait til shops open before I get more paint. Need to rub down and paint axle mounts on car before fitting it.
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    This is my missus 1.4 16v 75bhp lupo . It was completely standard when we got it and done all the work myself . Thanks . Dave
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    Nooo, Range Rover didn't give way on a roundabout, still sore now. Car was wrote off, but luckily after a few months I get it back tomorrow
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    First forum post of my build after 2 years of owning her...here's Dorothy
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