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    It does look a little big to me too. I've been running this badge on mine for years, it's from a MK2 Golf GTI 10th Anniversary Edition, I found it at VW Spring Fest years ago, think it looks great! Might be hard to find now though....
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    When you sell it, don't just sell it as a cheap small runabout for a new driver. As there are fewer than 10 left on the UK's roads, you need to make that a selling point. It's like Mk2 golfs... even the nastiest poverty spec "Golf C" now goes for very good money as there are so few original one's left!
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    Hello all, it’s been many a year since I’ve posted a project thread but might as well start one to look back and see how much money I throw away lol. Not to long ago I got rid of my 6n2, bought a 9N that lasted a day then got this Arosa. I got the car for a mere £220 with only 59k! Granted the interior is awful and the body work albeit the most solid shell I’ve probably ever owned just in need of some polish and TLC. In fairness to this car it has one of the cleanest MOT histories I’ve ever seen and it was first registered 01/01/01 so I had to take it. Up to now this is what I’ve done: Stainless steel manifold 9n 1.2 downpipe slightly modded into a decat 9n 1.2 throttle body because it has no charcoal canister pipe intake Removed charcoal canister Bosch Super 4s (for Corsa C but exactly the same length etc) Clear side indicators from 9n De badged boot De wipered Black pit bike foam air filter 14” 6J TSW Evo’s ET20 Blue D shape steering wheel Removed front ARB I recently bought a 6n flocked dash in the hope of turning my hideous grey interior into a black one but found out after chopping up the Arosa dash, it sits higher than standard and is to short on the back. But sh*t happens right? Also got a lower strut brace to be fitted and 6n2 handbrake. As I lost a few 100 on the 9N it was only right to use some of its parts, was surprised the TB was bang on same fitment and plug. The clear indicators just looked better imo, I ended up cutting my original downpipe just where it joins the flexi and cut the 9N downpipe at the flexi and welded it together, still need to cut and extend it a few inches before it bends up as it’s too close to the subframe but will sort that later on. Couldn’t believe I got £90 for the cat so car only stands me at £130! The alloys are from my 6n2, got them at a steal price too, the first time I let my so called friend drive he scuffed one! Lasted nearly 30 years without a mark until then but they would benefit from a refurb. Been offered a Sparco FIA cage for cheap too but can’t warrant it with such little power aha. Plans: Replace broken "Relay" bracket Vented discs Better seats/ full strip out (Drivers seat digs into my back 😡) Coilovers Nicer/smaller steering wheel Replace O/S indicator (lens fell off) T15 turbo?? On 5-6psi Gonna wrap it at some point. Got this used for £27.50 posted =] Crazy how restrictive the standard manifold is.. Admitted the air filter will get a bit of heat soak but the standard airbox has the same inlet diameter of a Mc'Ds straw.. I was excited when I got this as I thought it would be a straight fit 😒 Should of been a 220 mile trip, but due to road works it took a bit longer, was the same person I got lower strut brace and 6n2 handbrake from. Please excuse this ugly interior As i ruined the original dashboard and put it on a bonfire last night it just gives me the excuse to strip it. But when i strip a car I do it properly 😂 I'm not one of these who take the back seats out, whack a sub and false floor in and claim its stripped, i take ALL sound deadening, excess wiring and anything that doesn't need to be there. Clean 9N 1.2 12v TB Don't quite think 20s will fit haha Still need to fit this, was cheap but it seems too light to really add much rigidity? Before After - Just looks cleaner IMO Had to take this carpet out, change kept appearing, it was covered in oil, drinks etc It gets better underneath 😲 This also made its way onto last nights bonfire! When i initially seen this i thought it was grease fat! Later was told they used to do this before the galvanised them?? Either way its better than my 6n2 floor was! Also started taking up the sound deadening. This is the cars current main problem Been driving around stuck in second gear 🤣 done it for a few days. Ordered a replacement new cast for £17 off ebay, I can't believe the complete relay is £180+
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    A 6th gear that's a great bonus 👍
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    Bare with me just having some technical difficulties 😂
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    ARB is on, like everyone's said it makes a big difference, so I'm very happy with it! Have since put on a BMC CDA with metal piping and I have a stainless manifold to go on, I'll probably get this fitted at Tony Banks with a sports cat. Gonna keep hold of the standard mani incase I ever want to revert back! Got some car park pictures today, multi-storeys have the best lighting!
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    So this car, being 17yo, suffers with everything having been undone, nothing been put back correctly! the bonnet catch had no cable attached, just a piece of chain , which was rubbing against the radiator. So removed mechanism, 3 bolts, and ordered a replacement from a breakers. New ones are £48+ vat. Bugger that. Stevens £14.99 inc delivery. Yep it was filthy & clogged up with manky grease & bent. Cleaned in petrol (love the aroma!), used a screw driver blade to mimic bonnet & pushed down to lock. Pulled lever where cable would go & nothing!! it wasn’t moving to the right far enough. In the vice, bashed with a hammer & mole grips. All good. Works. Added some copper grease and refitted. Just waiting for a replacement cable. Pics below & some from my online manual, that cost me a tenner.
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    Okay, bit of an abrupt sale but a house we really want is about to come to market and i need to flush out the luxuries! Hence the sale of my Lupo GTI, just completed an amazing trip over the Lecht which made me fall more in love with it! But needs must. • 2004 Lupo GTI • 6 Speed • 70,000 Miles • MOT May 2020 • Timing belt + clutch replaced 10k miles ago - Receipts for both • Just serviced with Synta oil, VW filters and VW spark plugs • New pads, EBC Yellow Stuff • New Halfords battery still with warranty • Loads of paperwork and receipts included. • Original VW book, manuals and 2 remote keys. The previous owner had this for 6 years and has had STACKS of receipts for work - he covered only 10k miles over the 6 years. It is very original with even the original VW air compressor in the boot. Modifications: Please note all original VW items included in sale for the below modifications. • KW V1 coilovers installed (~£800 new) • KAM racing exhaust manifold (decat) - (~£680 new) • KAM racing exhaust system (twin exit) - (~£480 new) • Alpine WR502R double din head unit. It has the correct fascia installed to make it look factory fit • Team HEKO wind deflectors Bad points: • Very slight ding in nearside wing, just above quarter panel indicator. It's not noticeable as no paint has been chipped at all and i'd imagine it's easily fixable but it never bothered me. • Age related marks around the car (very small scuff front right corner of bumper - probably buff out!) • Spoiler paint could do with being redone. You don't really notice it, it's all the same colour as the car it's just not great. Brake light works fine though. • Wheels not perfect, presentable but could do with a light refurb. All in all this is a great car, in the rarest colour (only 33 ever made!). Tried to be as honest as possible but happy to answer questions. Location: Inverness (can be collected from Edinburgh potentially), can be collected from train station/airport in Inverness Price: £4750 - cash or bank transfer on collection
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    Great follow up always good to see when someone solves a problem they come back with how and what. It then goes on to help others
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    So we fitted cable, the second half, part no: 6H2 823 531. Easy to route, and connect. Bolted in catch, locked it with screwdriver shaft, then tested new handle mech. It works!! We adjusted catch to lowest position to align bonnet with wings, and adjusted bonnet rubber stops (screw in/out) so bonnet doesn’t rattle when down. If you press on bonnet & it rattles in catch, adjust the rubber stops out by half turn. Fitted new mechanism that handle attaches to in footwell, part no: 6X2 823 633B.
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    Check o ring, push in till th clip feels engaged and try to pull it out. If it isn't in right once it pressurises you're sitting there upset. You should have drained the coolant and presumably it is new from when the engine was done. Wasteful and bad for the environment.
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    G13 is the current VW coolant for pretty much all VW branded vehicles, part number G 013 A8 JM1 £12.72 inc vat for 1.5 litres And yes, coolant is added via the expansion bottle
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    Looks tacky imho. Just the GTi badge for me
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    More info on the eraser wheel? I use fishing nylon - it’s quite a bit tougher than dental floss
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    I would take the time and get the easier cheaper bits fixed, a good wash and polish and try to get maximum for it. You know what its set you back, what you can put into it and what you want for it. If you can get an MOT on it, your money will instantly go up also.
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    Yeah, it's too big. Needs to be smaller than the gti bit.
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    Nope. Not a fan. Corrado badge?
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    Wow, I have to be honest and say that that's the first 16V version I've seen. There can't be many about. Personally, I'd fix the broken bits which like you say are all superficial and take it from there. Don't worry about the bonnet stone chips. Get the interior properly valeted for around £40 (or do it yourself), give it a good wax and polish and you could get as much as £1200. Get it running...
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    I bet that 6th gear was a nice surprise Keep the good work!
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    He could get a nice stainless sports one? Or you go to a friendly MOT man.
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    Which is fine until MOT time when it will fail for not having a catalyst fitted I'm glad things are on the mend with this car, it's nice to see a GTI being restored rather than stripped and sold off
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    I wish my pockets were as deep as yours when it comes to cars 😲 I fully understand wanting to restore a GTi by all means but by the time your finished you could of had a 20v turbo engine in for the same price... Shop around and try find better deals. Your sump cost more than my entire car 😂 Go and weigh the catalytic converter in for some money back, I got £90 for mine and just get one long piece of stainless pipe to connect the downpipe to the back box 😈 Keep up the good work though.
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    They haven't put the screws into the bumper from inside the wings. I'd suggest ordering two of those up before you begin. Maybe even the Audi stainless arch liner screws?
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    It's certainly no supermodel but from what i had read online i was expecting a tin can with an interior built from chocolate box inserts.
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    Bigger than I thought it would be. Going to need to replace the bolts at the same time. Anyone have any ideas on where to get anodised or better quality bolts than the standard ones, I have lots of bolts and nuts which I want to replace now 😂
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    Just replaced mine with cheap ebay replacement at £6.99 for both window switches, use a small plastic pry bar to pop out switches then i used a small flat head to dislodge old switches from casing. About 10min job
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    They were recommended by 3 different people on pistonheads. Yes - the powder coating looks great, I was actually admiring it while on my side taking a break from being a fanny - but with less than a 100 miles on the road I would expect that to be the case! How decent does the metal need to be -if the panels is meant to be 1.2mm and the panel on the car has thinned out - how thin can go down to, hoping to get away with 1.0 in some areas and not have to cut back a lot more metal. With nearly the entire sill opened up I can treat the internal metal with something like kurust and then add some weld through primer. Getting the existing wax off is not going to be fun
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    He's bang on. I can push switches out with my hands
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    Thought so, just needed confirmation, thanks v much Skajme 👍🏼
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    Yes you can replace the switch my drivers side switch also failed a few months back so i ordered a pair from eBay for around £10 i think it was. I believe the switches usually fail as water will run in off the roof and when the window is open it usually hits the switch unit causing corrosion on the contacts of the switch. (I could be wrong) Some bits to help, the door card around the unit marks really easy so if you're bothered about marking it get yourself some decent plastic removal tools or have a cloth or something ready to put under whatever you use to get the unit out. On the Unit below the door lock / unlock buttons is where there is a tab that sticks out under the door card to keep the unit in place, so you may want to get a flat removal tool and press inwards to depress the tab in which will aid loads in removing the switch. once the unit is removed you can remove the switch you want to replace there is a couple of tabs keeping the switch in place i used a very small flat headed screwdriver to pull the tbas back and then pushed the switch out, replace switch and before you re-seat it all in the door card make sure it works. Will take around 20 minutes to do, trickiest part for me was getting the unit out without marking the surrounding areas of the door card. (I guess the other option would be to completely remove the door card to gain access)
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    Yeah, you can just replace the switches individually.
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    Silver bumper and two lights acquired from the bay, £105 all in, and bumper is correct colour!! Result 😁
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    I was expecting a glovebox. Welcome along 🙂
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    You can thank me in the form of a like? Stick around, it is fun and we all like lupos. Handy for when the next thing goes wrong. Not enough aht craic on here.
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    Underground car parks are better than multi storey. I haven't washed this for weeks but it still looks good.
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    Very, very nice
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    Yeah, but i need to either get behind the fuse panel, or jam somthing into the fuse holder and then rig a wire through to somewhere in the engine bay, to provide a feed. I have wire - was on the road side... just need a bit of foil or a piece of tin can. If it is the relay... Exciting times! A bit like one of those post apocalyptic movies where you need to keep the world turning with a rubber band I will make it home!
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    02R gearbox fits you just have to shave the mounting lugs as there is webbing between them to fit the gearbox mount. Some ratios here: https://workshop-manuals.com/seat/leon-mk1/02r_5-speed/technical_data/gearbox_identification/code_letters_assembly_allocation_ratios_capacities/ VNT needs suitable n75 and mapping. He needs bigger injectors right off the bat if he wants to do this. Also the 4 pot flywheel wont be offset balanced to the 3 pot piston / crank assembly so either get that done somehow, or get the 3 pot flywheel machined and re pinned for 4 pot clutches or else just live with the vibration.
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    Depends which engine you got. Does it have push rods or is it an auc or something?
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    Got the parts from a breakers in Wales. Tailgate & bumper £50. Just have to collect it!
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    Have a look at U-Pull-It in York. Might get lucky and have one the right colour. There's a few decent scrapyards left in Leeds and Bradford too. Otherwise Gumtree and Ebay to see what's ebing broken.
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    Someone on here was breaking a lupo (it'll fit) in Bedford up the road from you. You may have to have a search as it was a couple of months ago. What a bummer. And on the way home from just buying it! oh, and welcome to club lupo!
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    032 103 601 QA £156.77 inc vat from VW. Currently on factory back order so expect at least a 10 day wait for one....
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    Yeah this thing... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-GENUINE-VOLKSWAGEN-T4-TRANSPORTER-CRUISE-CONTROL-RETROFIT-KIT-TDI-7D0998527-/201955850138 steering wheel off, remove clock spring. Add T4 cruise stalk. Refit everything. Sorted. I don't even think you need to reprogram the ECU. It's already built in, ready to go. Just waiting for the turn cruise on. 'Set'......
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    The re-seal has done its job and I have a watertight car again, now to fit her back together again!
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    Hi as I said I would provide pics to show how I opened the bonnet lock. You must pull off the grill it will break at the sides but no one will notice. Once removed you will be able to see the front of the lock. The release is shielded by the emergency catch when its in the closed position. Using a camping tent peg puller (pic below) which has been bent to allow it to pass over the slam panel lift and under the shield. (The steel bar is only being used to simulate a locked bonnet) Using the slam panel as a fulcrum, lever the tool to the left forcing the lock release leaver to the right. That will do it. I hope this is usefull to someone sorry if pics are to big (please feel free to resize) The grill is only broken under the bonnet so you cant tell when its shut see below
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