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Hello, im Gary, im 21 from Newcastle. I've been a member on here for a while now but never really posted much. Little bit of car history, I started off with a 1.4 Lupo E which I loved!


I had that about a year or so before I fancied getting something a little old school, so I picked up a 89' polo saloon, paid £400 and it only had 40000 miles on.


Sadly, one night after I parked it up, a friend of mine crashed into it while he was dicking around and wrote it off!
So after a few month of being off the road, I got the money from the insurance and picked up an Arosa, 1litre which stayed standard.


I then lost my job and had to sell up. Once I got another job I had an urge for another mk2 polo, again a saloon which I got cheap off ebay. Had less miles than my previous one with only 30000!


Again that stayed standard and I eventually got bored and decided to sell up. I went around 6 month without a car and it was awful, eventually got sick and decided I wanted another Lupo or Arosa. I found this for sale just around the corner from my house, 02 Silver 1litre with only 28000 and FSH! Was advertised for 1295 and I got it for 1175 which I was happy with. I've had insured about a week now and it drives like a new car, the body work is a bit rough, scrapes on both bumpers, both sides and rust around the petrol cap, hopefully all of which will be sorted pretty soon!




I have a few plans for it, first of which is to sort the interior, it has the all light grey interior which I hate! So I have bought a Gti interior including red seat belts. Im going to wait until I find all the dark grey plastics and carpet before fitting them, but here they are, havn't got around to cleaning the fronts yet.



I bought some alloys to go on the polo but never got around to getting them refurbed or fitted! So they will more than likely be refurbed and will end up on this


I also picked up some brand new Cambridge rears from the dealers! They will probably go in once the paintwork is sorted!


And finally, the one thing no Lupo or Arosa should be without ;)


That's what I have purchased so far, future plans are:

- Get bodywork sorted
- Fit all of the above
- Pressed plates
- Wind deflectors
- Rear pop-out windows
- Front fogs
- Some sort of ICE (sub/amp/rear speakers)
- Stubby mirrors
- VW Starlite alloys

Think thats about it I think! As I say I will keep updating as and when things happen, hopefully wont be too long before I get it looking how I want it! Comments/feedback appreciated!

Bye for now!


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I didnt even realise there was a difference! Yeah it is Joe, hopefully next weekend ill get it lowered and the wheels on

Cheers man, just got my wheels refurbed just waiting for payday so I can get tyres!

Nice Arosa. top marks for buying new Cambridges, can I ask how much they were? Good base :)

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Welcome mate look forward to seeing the progress :)

There's a guy on eBay that's breaking an SE that has black trim and I'm site he still has it all.

Cheers mate ill have a look now

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I honestly have no idea how! Mechanically its been well looked after but cosmetically its been neglected, the interior was manky and the exterior has a few scrapes etc, some pics of the damage





All of which will be sorted come payday next month, then I can start making some progress!

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Cheers man! The money I was going to use for the bodywork has been spent on new wheels and more interior parts! I have about 3 quarters of my interior now so I set about cleaning the front seats today! Although they aren't perfect they'll do for now so hopefully this weekend the interior will be in! Might even get the coilovers fitted!

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There's a difference as that's a Mk1 Arosa shell that seat used up until October 2002, mines the same, quite a rare thing you have there :)

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If you can find a scrapped Mk2 with the correct runners, the spot welds can be drilled and puddle welded to your car.

It could be a lot of hassle but if you're handy and have access to a welder it'll be a piece of pi$$

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If you can find a scrapped Mk2 with the correct runners, the spot welds can be drilled and puddle welded to your car.

It could be a lot of hassle but if you're handy and have access to a welder it'll be a piece of pi$$

The floor pans different though? This is a problem I have when looking for new interiors, gonna be easier to just retrim :)

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Finally got some updates! So payday came, bought some tyres for the wheels, Lupo-Joe's old starlites!


Was supposed to be getting them refurbed red by a friend, but they have come out pink! I love them though! So they got fitted.



So once that was sorted it desperately needed the coilovers fitted, got a bit spare time and set about lowering it! Its a mile away from how I want it to sit but its a start!




Sh*t pics but you get the idea :thumbsup:

Also tried 'the 2 bucket method' for the first time and was really surprised at how well it works!


Random interior shot!


And finally, hit a milestone the other day, just ticked over 30k!


Comments and feedback welcome :wave:

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