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  1. Pete91

    Pressed Plates

    Just buy from dubmeister and print everything off from the site that say they're legal. Seems to be a common theme of people buying from eBay and getting pulled.
  2. Got this one for sale if you're interested? Not the best pic but I'll get some more if your arsed
  3. Dunno. Most folk say the 5 speeds weren't that great and the 6 speeds were better
  4. Just had a quick look but can't seem to find the thread. I'm sure it was either 99hjm or nfbr that wrote it but I can't seem to figure out how to extend the search past feb 2013 haha. If someone can figure that out just have a look through those users topics and I'm sure you'll find it
  5. There's a thread somewhere on here. It's been proper ages since I was last on vag com but I'm sure you go into adaptations or something and it gives you an option of loads of channels to change. Each one gives you a description so if you have a look through the software you should be able to find it. I'll try find the thread though.
  6. Pete91


    Lamin-x seems to be the material of choice. Get it cheap off eBay
  7. Not going by everything I've read
  8. Just picked up a polo as a runner for a few months cos I'm moving house on Friday so proper skint. Gonna be kicking about in an s4 some point soon
  9. Car now sold. Went well quick! Sad to see it go but looking forward to moving onto something else. Hope it went to a good home
  10. Take the upper and lower door cards off. Once off you'll see two white clips that regulate the movement of the window. These will have become misaligned and will need adjusted by undoing the bolt slightly and repositioning.
  11. Much easier to remove the door card
  12. Pete91

    mot faqs

    You can't be so low that you can't get on the brake test thing. As for being too low to get on the ramp it depends how sound the mot guys are...they might not mind fannying about with bits of wood
  13. Check which gear box it has. The 5 speed box had a lot of issues which were sorted with the 6 speed. There a rather lovely silver Gti for sale in the classifieds
  14. Car now up for sale. forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?/classifieds/item/3700-vw-lupo-gti-show-winner/ Hopefully it goes to someone super cool
  15. You shouldn't need to get it tracked mate. I take it you didn't put the original wheel straight when you took it off? Just take the wheel of and try straighten it up? Would be easier and cheaper than getting the alignment done
  16. Wheels looking good mate. You have any more luck getting it fitted?
  17. Decided to sell up as I'm looking for something different and a new project. Wheels have been put up in the classifieds and the steering wheel has already sold. Car will be put up for sale in the near future. May as well stick the ad in here too... For sale are my BBS RMs. Had these for just over a year or so now and have been running them throughout summer on my lupo gti. I've taken the car and entered it into a number of shows where it has won a few prizes so the wheels had to be in immaculate condition. Spec: 15x7.5 et 20.5 Centre Bore 57.1 PCD 4x100 1" stainless steel dishes; Stainless bolts; Polished aluminium centre caps; Bridgestone potenzas all round with good tread (3 are practically brand new) Show condition; Located in Livingston, Scotland would be looking for £1100
  18. Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you all have good one!
  19. **** my bad. It'll be 5.7 then. The difference is just a rounding error
  20. 15x7 et -7 7x25.4 = 177.8/2 = 88.9-7 = 81.9mm distance sticking out from the hub 15x8 et 0 8x25.4 = 203.2/2 = 101.6mm distance sticking out from the hub So the 8's will stick out 20mm further than the 7's
  21. I work it out as being 19.7mm more poke
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