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  1. I’m very happy if you can measure it. thanks
  2. Perfect. Thank you, I want do the same because the road in Italy is terrible like yours. How much you are low? Around 60/70mm? Thanks
  3. Hi guy, I love your car and your upgreade. Last week i’ve fitted a BC Racing for my Arosa, but i haven’t modified anything about setting and adjustment. What’s your settings?
  4. Hi guys, Someone have a guide for modify the front seats of Recaro S3 8L for fit on Lupo Arosa? I've found the electric pin for move them. If I cut the orginal guide, can I fit Recaro aftermarket guide specific for Lupo or Polo 6n2 3 door? Thanks
  5. Dj Xaler

    Lowering 80mm

    Hi guys, someone have a pics of your car with a coilover or lowering springs about 80mm. I don't know if take a new coilover or done a lowering Spring. My coilover now (a Lowtec) there isn't so confortable. What's are the tyres? Thanks
  6. Sure, I use it on Daily driven.
  7. Ok, at the end of the Year, I've decided to upgrade this old topic.... In summer mode fits the Oz Turbo ABT 7,5 front 8 rear. Photos at some Italian meeeting... and now in winter mode RH Cup 14X7 and 8X14 I hope that someone like this news.
  8. All your cars are beautifull!! Nice work with the new engine.
  9. Nice sound. Very good work
  10. Hi guys, after one year I write some update. I've Finish my new wheels: Oz Turbo 7,5 et25 front 8 et20 rear. I hope that fitting without problem. Also I've changed my coilovers and choose a Lowtec 9.2. The coilovers is good, but unfortunately I've some problem for go low on the rear. This is the situation... The Lowtec 9.2 going low -70mm, but now I'm 0,5cm from the end and I won't remove anything, but now I'm -55mm. If I cut the bump stop can I solve the problem? It's very strange. Someone have ideas? Sorry for my terrible English. I've used Google translate
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