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  1. Brand New box of PAGID brake shoes for a lupo/Arosa 4 shoes for drum brakes, bought but never fitted from ECP, for about £40 or something. in Blackpool, cant post for £8 or pick up from Blackpool/Barnoldswick (in between) looking for £25.
  2. Round ones are usually a good place to start.
  3. Hi Paul, welcome. Get some pictures up, keeping the bathursts is a good shout, they suit GTis too much to change.
  4. Welcome Jamie! Good luck in bringing your Lupo back to life
  5. Ignore the spam, it'll be gone soon hopefully. Has the creaking stopped now you've pulled the cover off? Perhaps try reseating it?
  6. Are you looking at putting the springs on standard shocks?
  7. Clean GTi. Not so good on the parking..
  8. Al3xTee


    Welcome 15 years without a VW is upsetting!
  9. Welcome to CL enjoy your motor
  10. Welcome, I'm not sure if it's the same as a mk2, but I had my power cable through the grommet the rear washer tube is fed through, which leads to the top right of the foot well, you will need to strip the carpet back obviously
  11. It's extremely rare, in my experience, for it to be less than £1000 for a new young driver. Especially without a box. You can't go wrong with adding named drivers
  12. 3600 miles?! £500?! Say whaaat. Welcome
  13. Your different wipers make all the difference. I joke, could do with a lick of polish and your headlight units drying out but good base
  14. Rear lights out, screws in the arches undone, could be some underneath? Basically it, whack it out. There's a picture of it off in my build thread that might help
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