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The RedSteelie - with a little NIMBUS

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Wheel colour looks awesome mate, well impressed! Got the back sitting nicely too dude, I've taken the adjusters and the cups out of mine so it's just sitting on the spring, but it doesnt look at low as this! Full tank of petrol? ;)

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Cant believe it's been 6months without updating this :o

Not much has happened, BBS were taken off in August and Snowtyres fitted :D got lifted abit for winter time.

Since it's now hit 185k and passed its mot without needing anything I thought id treat it to a mostly new coat of paint. Just leaving a rear quarter

and the rear end as they were done not long ago.

Hoping to get it back in a week or two, then it's full prep for UDubs 13.

New dishes coming for the BBS and some re-dropping I think.

Updates when I get it back, sooo excited hehe

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Thought id update this before UltimateDubsUK (see our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/UltimateDubsUK )

After it had been Cleaned, Dropped and BBS'd and a few little extras.

Brought some new bump strips but I dont think they will be fitted before the show now :(




Hope to see you there next weekend
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Hmmm think I need to update this soon haha.

Well big updates coming, not sure if I should keep them SUSH! till UltimateDubs2014 tho!

But I'll get some updates that have happened over the last year :D

1st one Now hit 195k miles :)

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As I’ve not really updated this much over the last year I thought I’d do a ‘Look Back’ over the last couple of month’s progress and happenings.

As the paint has been done 6months now I thought it was time I got a DA and start cutting it down.


Getting ready for some cleaning :D


Slowly getting there!


After it was all finished and sealed it started to rain


Time for some BEADING!



I finally found the problem why the rear was a tiny bit lopsided, £8 later for both sides and all is well.


Just before we set of for Edition38 to man the UltimateDubsUK TradeStand


Photo found from Edition38


Hmmm the injury received from the Edition38 show field, still can’t get my head around how this


Gti brakes finally fitted to the fronts, rear disks are getting ready to be fitted. Don’t worry about the state of the dishes as these BBS get worked hard :Pbut they do get refurbed every winter  so I’m not that mean


My new interior is currently under fitment; hopefully I will be able to get it sorted in the next week or so. Then get the rears retrimmed to match :D

I will get some pics up when their nicely fitted and rears trimmed to match 

Plenty of things planned for the winter, so times going to be tight especially with trying to get UltimateDubsUK sorted out too.

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Another 2 1/2 years have rolled bye without an update.

Major updates

Fitted a set of Porsche 997 front seats in Agate grey were fitted, and then had the rear seast, door cards, Recaro rear headrest and lupo gti steering wheel wrapped in matching Porsche leather.




We finally got the Ipad mini finished off; audio is running via wifi to an Audison Bit Ten D processor.


Then last summer I finally opted for air suspension, in the end we went for airlift front struts and Hp Drivetech rear bags and dampers, running of  3/8 Airlift V2










Hopefully get to a few more European shows this year, I’ll try keep you updated.

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