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  1. Wheels are off and gone, nice little wod in the kitty for whatevers next. Heres one more from the weekend - My butty Penguin thought he'd play with the air, and I've no idea what I'm doing with my hands, or what the other kids looking at. Alcohol eh?
  2. A few more on the show and shine field.. And my favorite from the day; Wheels are now for sale, onto bigger and better things.
  3. Dubs at the castle 2013. Alcohol induced...
  4. That dreaded time of the year yesterday...MOT mode! And had my aircon recharged while I was there...
  5. I've got a massive soft spot for these. Good effort
  6. I'm a second year apprentice bud, taking home less than 1k a month... Air is probably the best thing I've bought, so practical yet you can deck it wherever you park. I get some looks when I'm waiting to pick my mum up from work with it laying frame. Thanks mate I think any car can look good with the right setup!
  7. The 1.9's do sound quite agricultural with regards to the 2.0. However 2.0's have problems with injectors and turbos apparently. I love my little diesel.
  8. My A3 is 105 standard, with a map / egr delete and FMIC - running about 150 ish. I get 46 around town, and that's with the occasional heavy right foot. And A3's are quite heavy, and I have my compressor taking some of the engine power now and again so that reduces mpg. 1.9's are in no way 'dull' when done right
  9. Arse up; Aaron being my fuel girl;
  10. Thanks man, Tempted to get an S line front end for it soon. Means I'll have to get the bumper, bonnet, fogs + grills etc. Lots of money to be spent
  11. It was raining, I'm not washing my car in the rain...
  12. No turning back now! Excuse the dirt...she's a dirty diesel.
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