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Pics of boot floors


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Thanks, anyone know the sport part number and prices for the new panels?

Guessing i'd have to chop the bottom out anyway on a sport well if i wanted a battery and skinny spare in there together, or find a teeny tiny battery? 

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It's a couple of hours work (by a competent welder, not a shaven ape like myself) to cut and adapt the standard boot floor to fit a centre exhaust and spacesaver wheel.

Be advised, if the new exhaust is of a larger bore than standard, it *may* end up catching on the brake lines and bias valve, and therefore need a bit of tweaking to fit.

Also the rear bumper needs notching for the tailpipe to fit.

Handily, I know a fella who does it, so if you're ever in the North Yorkshire area... :D

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I'll most likely just mod the existing well, but would like it to look oem not DIY. So a factory panel if they are reasonable money could still be the way to go. Exhaust system will be large bore otherwise why bother.

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Battery Relocated using a motamec ali battery tray.

The battery has been replaced now with a much larger version.



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