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  1. Will a VW Polo 9N Four Spoke Steering Wheel 6Q0419091G fit my 2002 VW Lupo GTi please? If not what steering wheel would fit from another car? Thankyou
  2. Hi all, This might be a bit of an outlandish question but would a Volkswagen Golf Mk7 1.4L TSI R-Line Engine and 7-Speed DSG be capable of fitting inside a Lupos engine bay? I understand engine swapping is difficult, frustrating, and potentially very expensive, but the thought process was both engines are the same size (granted the Turbo) so they should both fit - and how large can a DSG be, right? Atop of this, of course, other aspects of the car would need to be changed, but most importantly I was just wondering if anyone has swapped a Golf's 1.4L into a Lupo; specifically a more modern 1.4L (like the Mk5's GT TSI DSG with 170bhp, or the R-Line TSI with 150bhp). Thank you in advance
  3. Has anyone ever swapped a Honda B series engine or anything similar into their Lupo? Is it even possible? I know a Polo GTi conversion would be miles easier but tbh if I was going to put in the effort to engine swap I'd want to make something a bit more unique. Any help or information is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance 👍
  4. right im in the process of swapping my sport beam out for a gti beam as I want to be able to add camber easily and as the gti has a single construction stub axle and this will be easier to work with! ive been told the rear brake lines will snap if I try un do them? so looking for advice/ tips and tricks and if anyone knows where to get lines?
  5. Hello fellow Lupo nuts who are still here. I’m looking as swapping the 1.0 MPI engine out my MK1 Arosa for a Lupo Sport 1.4 16v. Now I know the basics but asking for some help clarifying some bits... - Key/immobiliser. Since my Arosa doesn’t have an immobiliser do I need to swap the barrels and interior wiring loom?? Especially if the Lupo doesn’t have an immobiliser as well?? - Driveshafts. I’m assuming they are the same and my 1.0 ones will do the job? - Engine mounts. I’m assuming the 1.0 and 1.4 ones are in the same place? its not a massive engine swap so I’m hoping it’s not a complicated one?? The Arosa is off the road so don’t need to do it quickly! If I’m getting bits from a car for ‘breaking’ what should I be asking for?? Many thanks in advance!! Sam
  6. Here is some things you will need for a conversion. Feel free to add things or take things off the list. Im learning too, just wanted to start a list and talk everyone through my process! Thanks
  7. I'm wanting to get back into the lupo scene, I need a lupo sport! Preferably near Kent but I don't mind a road trip. Any condition, I need a new project. cheers Tom
  8. Hia All I'm in the market for Lupo...w00p! Looking for a 1.4 TDI Sport ONLY - I'm not interested in any of the other trims. I need one for the end of May so this isn't urgent but if the right one comes around can purchase. I have a 2004 Carisma going if anyone is interested in a swap. The thing is pristine inside and under the bonnet and has just had £500 quid spent on it plus loads of extra little bits done by the old man (a retired mechanic). Its got about 9 months MOT left n'all. I'm in South Wales but don't mind travelling to pick it up . Message me if you have anything going please
  9. First of all hello to everyone, I am new to this and will probably annoy most of you as I am sure this has been covered before. I I am in the middle of an engine swap, I have a 1.4s (75hp) and am looking to swap for what I believe to be a (100hp) 1.4 sport engine, this is out of my friends car and was a second engine to him so don't know much about it... Went to fit it yesterday to get it all hooked up (on my origional ecu) didn't fire no spark, then went to switch his ecu to find out it is totally different, so would I be able to just switch out the engine loom of his car (100hp engine) if so how do I go about doing this? Where does the loom go to? Thanks in advance Kyle
  10. QUICK SALE NEEDED NEW CAR ON THE WAY 2500 ONO 2003 VW Lupo GTI 6 speed Mileage 116 k (will rise slightly) Mot 24/02/2017 Just been serviced Loads of receipts Have both keys Car has been regularly cleaned and polished Brand new brembo brakes and pads on the front, also had new alternator last year Just had brand new two falken tyres cost £120 and tracking Two brand new xenon bulbs which cost £70 In the past year the 3rd brake light has been replaced (common fault) Both tie rod and tie rod ends have been replaced in the past year which cost from vw £250 just in parts and have receipt Annoying rattle coming from the dashboard under 30 mph I think it might be a broken clip thats in there somewhere Paint work is good for the age but have stone chips on the front bumper and the bonnet All alloys are good but the front alloys have some curbing but all still straight Tiny chip on windscreen Rear boot lock only opens with key Ive been very picky by writing these ^ Any inspection welcome! No time wasters Priced to sell so no stupid offers £2500 ONO CASH ONLY ADVERTISED ELSEWHERE
  11. Hello all, First off, I know this has been posted lots before but honestly the information seems so scattered and varied and I'm not sure how applicable all of it is to my situation so I'm sorry for reposting this...please don't murder me Anyway I've come into the possesion of a 6n2 GTI engine block from a local vw dismantlers. My little (AUC) 1.0 litre has s*** the bed so I planned to do an engine swap anyway but then I got this engine for basically nothing. I know the best way to do this is to buy a complete Polo GTI that's been rear ended or something and begin swapping everything over but I don't want to buy one that's already sold some essential parts I need. So from my understanding this is what I need now from another polo with the same engine code as the one I have (AVY) Gearboxengine loominterior loomECUradiatorfuel pumpfront hubs/carriers/calipers/discsand the ignition barrel. Is there anything else?How does the AVY fit onto the AUC Engine mounts, I think I read somewhere new mounts will need to be made am I right?And also are any of these parts interchangeable between GTI polos and GTI lupos, just in case I can't find the part on a polo maybe I could use the GTI lupos. I've found lots of posts and some even talking about guides for this sort of thing but none linking to them and I can't seem to find it through the search on this forum (Probably because I'm not a huge forum user but still...) Any help would greatly appreciated. Cheers!Thanks so much!
  12. New to this forum lads and lasses! Got a 1.0 Lupo mpi, however engine has knackered up on me and im replacing it. current engine code is AUC however with the ecu and loom i currently have, am i able to put another engine in it with a different engine code? it'll remain a 1.0 for insurance purposes but just need some light shed on it! Cheers in advance
  13. Hey Everyone! Im new to the site and the forums! Im not doing to many mods just yet as its only my first year of driving. maybe in a year or two i might do a few mods - i.e lowering, alloys, and other bits etc Ive put in a Sony WX-GT90BT (Double Din) stereo in, im considering a speaker upgrade aswell, or at leats putting some speakers in the back. Anyway, Ive just bought a lupo gti interior, and ive got a couple of questions. - Is the swap straight forward? like a few bolts and they come straight out? - Does the GTI interior go straight in? no need for drilling new mount holes etc? - Does it fit? The back seat is a bench and the standard lupo interior is two seperate seats, just wondering if its wider or the same? Also do the GTI rear seats still fold down? THANKS IN ADVANCE!
  14. I was wondering would it be possible to swap 5th out of a diesel gear box such as a 1.7 sdi gear box and install the 5th gear into my 5 speed lupo gti gearbox so I can have a longer 5th gear? I haven't seen anyone else post about it so I'm wondering if it is possible to swap or is there another way around it??? Would be great if someone could get bavk with a answer, cheers.
  15. Hi guys so I was just wondering what's the best way to go about fitting wheels that are 5x112 to a loop don't fancy getting any new ones as I made these ones up nicely for my taste. Could I convert the axle ends or will I need new axles I have access to a fabrications workshop so and work can be done that's needed. Any help would be great thank you!
  16. Hi guys, Does anyone know if anyone's done anything other than 1.8t swaps and the usual old stuff? I was wondering how hard it would be to fit the new polo gti engine (1.4tfsi running 180ps) and it's gearbox? That would be pretty cool IMO! What do u guys think? Other than it being a hugely costly project considering its a brand new engine bla bla bla.
  17. I've just bought a complete Mk2 bootlid and i intend to fit it to my Mk1. This is a non central locking bootlid so wiring will have to be transferred and a new lock and handle will need to be purchased. However to be able to use my existing key, regardless of which handle is fitted, the lock and barrel will have to be switched OR modified. I have done the latter and modified the lock to be fully functional with my existing key. This is how it was done: I removed the handle from the boot to do this but it can be done with it still fitted. 6 Nuts is all that is holding it in so its not too hard to remove and makes life a lot easier later on. First things first, you will need to remove the e clip and lock arm There will be a C shaped clip retaining the next part, i have already removed it in the above picture. This clip is the difficult one to re-install as it is retaining a spring plate. Be careful when removing this as the springs are under pressure and WILL want to fly everywhere. Once that clip is removed all of the other parts should just slip out. When i extracted these i made sure to keep them lined up but they should all slip together one way so it really doesn't matter, i was just being extra cautious. The business end is pictured on the left of the above, this is a 2 piece assembly, once the sheath is removed all the teeth should pop out. This is the bit you will need to swap with your existing part so that your original key will work correctly in your new lock. If however you are attempting to modify it, there are a few things to note, the modified lock will NOT be as secure as the original as it will now fit YOUR key as well as the donor cars key and any other key in between. The less modification needed to make YOUR key work, the more secure the lock will be. I was lucky as very little modification was required. When the key is inserted, all of the teeth should be flush with the body. As you can see in the picture above there is about 3 teeth that are not flush when MY key is inserted. All that is needed is for the teeth to be ground down flush, i did this with my dremel but it could also be done with a file. Test that it slides in the barrel when the key is inserted before you refit it and assemble in reverse order.
  18. Basically my car suddenly stopped working, if you go to fire it it cranks and does a very short burst as though it's about to fire but cuts out, I've had a few mechanics on it but none could find the problem, it's been in vw all week and they've finally put it down to the ecu, if you programme the immo to the ecu it will start but come back to it 5 minutes later and it will have forgotten it and need programming again, What I'm wondering is whether I could get a donor car which I've already sourced at a breakers, take the ecu, immo, transponder chips out of it and put them in mine and it just work with no programming needed and if will I need anything else aswell? Vw want £700-800 for the part and fitting which I can't afford expecially on top of the £300 I owe them for diagnostics Any help is much appreciated!
  19. Right, basically I like the body shape of the GTI, but I'm 17 and, for obvious reasons, would not be able to afford GTI insurance. A weird idea I had (which would probably end up worse off... who knows lol) was if I picked up a Gti with a knackered engine, and a 1.0 with a knackered body and dumped the 1.0 engine in the Gti Body what would the insurance think? (Or I could even just get a Gti, purchase a 1.0 engine&box for a few hundred squid to drop in and over time do bits of work on the 1.6 for when I'm older, have some ncb and can insure it lol.) Would I get away with a price that's maybe a bit more than a 1.0 or one that's more than a Gti! Sounds silly I know but it'd be a decent little project I guess please don't hate<3
  20. Hey I have a 1.0 lupo W reg my engine is coded AER, I want to convert it to a 1.4 engine, can anyone give me a rough idea what parts I need to change to complete this convention, like wiring changes, loom, Ecu, breaks ect. Please please help! And no I don't wana sell up and buy a 1.4 I love my green pea to much !
  21. Hi guys, I've many problems with my arosa with 1.4 16v 101cv code engine AUB because it's drunks too much oil. I decided to swap this engine with the Lupo GTi 1.6 125cv 5 gearbox. The problem is that in Italy nobody have done that. It's possible? I've notice that probably the support are the same... Is plug'n'play? How can I do? Thank you guys!!
  22. I would like to swap my 1.3 polo breadvan 1992 with all service history, past MOT's, 2x keys... for a 1.0 litre Lupo inbox me offers, or for pics look on here for pics http://www.pinkbike.com/u/Brettmac95/album/MY-first-car/
  23. is it be possible to swap the vw lupo lower bumper for the seat one, just wondered because the seat arosa one looks sick with the vents and the lip!
  24. So my beloved 1litre is nearly dead. Anyone know any companies out there that will source an engine and swap them for me? And does anyone know if it's possible to swap from 1.0 to 1.4 with ease, like is or just a mount change or are the shapes completely different? I live in South Wales of anyone knows anywhere local... Thanks.
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