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  1. Sullading

    Tada's GReeeeN Lupo GTI - Last update 1.11.2014

    Do you still have this car? id love to see how you are getting on with the new engine build. The car looks fantastic!! Sully.
  2. Sullading

    Lupo engine rebuild - any ideas?

    125hp polos are, im rebuilding a lupo gti lump, and its hard work to get the power out of them due to the vvt etc
  3. hi all i was wondering if anybody knows the gear ratios for the 5 and 6 speed gear boxes? or if someone could point me in the right direction for finding them cheers!
  4. Sullading

    Gearbox or diff or wheel change

    I don't think there are many different out there for lupo's... Not possible to take 5th gear out of a diesel box and put it into a gti box???
  5. Sullading

    manual steering on a gti.

    Thanks mate that's great!
  6. Sullading

    manual steering on a gti.

    well the car is becoming a track day can so im doing it to free up a little engine load and making the steering heavier isnt a problem, i drive old cars all day and i prefer it to power steering. so ill be converting when the car comes off the road.
  7. Sullading

    manual steering on a gti.

    beacuse i dont want it anymore?
  8. Sullading

    manual steering on a gti.

    i was wondering is there a way i could take the power steering off of my gti and buy a manual rack of a old lupo? would it be a direct bolt on job? i think it should be as there are the same shell??? cheers.
  9. Sullading

    Cams for a lupo gti?

    my engine has been completely stripped down. becuase the inlet cam needs the tool that botls onto the back of the cover to lock it in place. then you can put the pulleys on the front.
  10. Sullading

    Cams for a lupo gti?

    i need the parts that casper has used...
  11. Sullading

    Cams for a lupo gti?

    i was wondering where did you get these cam shaft locking tools from? i have been looking all over the web for them and i cant find a place where they sell them. i rang vw adn they wouldnt sell me a set and i really need them to re-built my engine. And if you still have them would you be intrested in selling them to me??? please do get back cheers.
  12. Sullading

    AVY engine locking tools

    im looking for the lupo gti camshaft locking tools, the only place i can find them is in germany, i was wondering does anyone these and if so sell them? or point me into the right direction of where to buy them. parts numbers for the tools... T10073 T10074 T10075 T10061 these are the ones i need cheers.
  13. Sullading

    Lupo GTI 5 speed, 5th gear swap

    Okay mate cheers I'll look into it
  14. Sullading

    Lupo GTI 5 speed, 5th gear swap

    I need a longer 5th gear because there engine I'm building will hit the limiter in 5th in no time, so I was wondering if I could take 5th out of a diesel gear box and out it into my lupo gti box so I can have a taller 5th gear so I can achieve a higher top speed.
  15. Sullading

    Lupo GTI 5 speed, 5th gear swap

    Yes I could but 6th gear is the same ratio as 5th in a 5 speed box because the six speed box has slightly smaller ratios than the 5speed so I'd just be back at square one again...

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