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  1. Selling my silver gti low mileage and running very well £3500
  2. Silver gti is up for sale and I'm after a sport again, (i can't bring myself to gut out the gti for track days) anyone fancy a swap with cash my way. 2002 silver lupo gti 83k full service history lowered on kw v1 coilovers, they still adjust full custom exhaust Ashley manifold (2nd hand from Casper gti) Smoothed front bumper new tyres all round, on 16" deep dish wheels (supposedly rare, I've never heard of them) pioneer touch screen Bluetooth and all that. always cleaned and waxed I'll try and get some photos on soon
  3. Have you still got the wheels?
  4. All sorted, I've now got a silver gti
  5. I'm still really interested in this could buy it this weekend if you get in contact
  6. Give me a text/ring on 07469956131. It's easier than the forums
  7. Is this still for sale? if so where abouts are you?
  8. I'm keen! Keep me posted
  9. Is it a 100bhp centre exhaust lupo?
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