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  1. Aaah sounds good thanks man! I haven't got the plastics, I was going to buy all the door cards front and rear (in black) It'll save me a bit of money not needing to buy the storage bins then but I will have to buy a belt, so I'll not be saving much haha. What about the belt? Do you know if there's any mounting point for one? Can I do it does it have to be done by a garage? I'm assuming have to get it verified and tested sort of thing? I'm not sure when I'm fitting them, but when I do I'll let you know how it goes! THANKS FOR THE HELP! :)
  2. Hey Everyone! Im new to the site and the forums! Im not doing to many mods just yet as its only my first year of driving. maybe in a year or two i might do a few mods - i.e lowering, alloys, and other bits etc Ive put in a Sony WX-GT90BT (Double Din) stereo in, im considering a speaker upgrade aswell, or at leats putting some speakers in the back. Anyway, Ive just bought a lupo gti interior, and ive got a couple of questions. - Is the swap straight forward? like a few bolts and they come straight out? - Does the GTI interior go straight in? no need for drilling new mount holes etc? - Does it fit? The back seat is a bench and the standard lupo interior is two seperate seats, just wondering if its wider or the same? Also do the GTI rear seats still fold down? THANKS IN ADVANCE!
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