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  1. So my beloved 1litre is nearly dead. Anyone know any companies out there that will source an engine and swap them for me? And does anyone know if it's possible to swap from 1.0 to 1.4 with ease, like is or just a mount change or are the shapes completely different? I live in South Wales of anyone knows anywhere local... Thanks.
  2. So, the poor little engine in my 1.0 Lupo is on its last legs. And rather than trading her in for a new cari want to change the engine. Too many memories and all that. But, as I'm sure everyone's aware 1.0 engines are like rocking horse **** to find, and also not giving me enough go. So my question is, I'm planning to source and put in a 1.2. I'll obviously change the clutch plate too but is there anything else that'll need changing? Engine mounts etc. Or is it a straight swap? Cheers, Tom
  3. Yeah, my old man decided to "help" and I heard the almighty crack from in the garage. The cracks in the centre, about an inch, maybe less. I've tried eBay and found nothing :/ And hi aha.
  4. So, in short, during a routine service I realised my rocker cover is cracked. Which explains the little bit of oil on the drive and the rattles. But, not a single breaker I know of seems to have the one I have... Does anyone have any leads? It's engine code ALD and it's for a 1.0 litre. Cheers in advance.
  5. The alloys are a width of 6.5J and they're fitted with 195/50/15 tyres.
  6. It seems to be the temp sensor, so not too worried about that for now. Changed the Coilpack this morning and still no change, anyone any ideas?
  7. TomShazam

    bonnet bras

    Literally slide on, hook the two lines under the bonnet and tighten the main strap.
  8. Yeah that's the one. It feels really loose, doesn't seem to be wired into anything.
  9. We plugged into the diagnostic port and there was nothing. By the looks of it it's not connected to anything at all, the cars 2001 and it wasn't law to have them till 2002, so maybe it's just a "dummy" port? And thanks, I wanted to pull them, but I've never had a car where it's not separate coil packs. Wasn't too sure how they attached.
  10. I'm guessing it's just a thermostat, but I'd rather be sure it's nothing important.
  11. So in the space of 2 days my little 1.0 Lupo has gone from a perfect drive to coughing and spluttering and now I can't even pull it on my drive. I initially thought it was a dodgy cannister purge solenoid, so pulled that off and it drove fine. Then it started hunting and coughing and spluttering again. Then today I stopped at lights and couldn't pull back off. The AA came out and after a long discussion we checked all the plugs and HT leads and they seem to be fine. But we agree on it possibly being the Coilpack? So, after towing me home, I opened her up and got to the coilpack. My two questions are, do I just pull the leads off the coilpack? I don't want to break anything. And secondly, underneath the coilpack I found this snapped off what is this? Please help!
  12. Only just realised there's replies to this! New to this. I was going to go for 25mm on the back and see how it is not changing the front, if it looks too odd, just maybe a 15mm for a little bit
  13. I've recently lowered with some new 15" alloys. I'm looking to put 25mm spacers on the rear but would really like to beef up the front. Would it be okay to match the 25 at the back?
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