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  1. Hey guys, I created an excel document that helps to work out the new specs when banding steelies. I know a lot of people don't fully understand how banding affects offset and such like, this should provide a bit of understanding. It works a lot like the http://www.willtheyfit.com/'>willtheyfit.com tool, but your specs in and i returns key info and visual aids. If you want it, Click Here to download it to your computer.
  2. Curtis

    Coventry meet

    Last time I checked its at the Sainsburys on the a444 next to the range. Though with the renovations and stuff going on atm i don't know if its still going, have to check with bickerton or amber
  3. yeah thats right buddy, and what the hell did you sell it for? it was a cracking little motor
  4. Don't have the valence, that got trashed in the accident, and i only have the one foglight, and yep, no bugger wants to guy the three spokes! Plenty make offers, but none follow up >.<
  5. I have a foglight! And I'm called Curtis!
  6. i have a silver mk1 sport bumper, you could use it temporarily while the good one gets smoothed?
  7. I have JOM's, the comfort is horrific, but unlike the other ebay specials (Ta Technix etc...) the thread goes all the way to the bottom of the strut for silly lows
  8. Snap! Hello mate, you might spot me milling about the city in my Ibiza, you'll have to give us a flash Welcome to the forum dude
  9. Last update broke for some reason, so here's a revised version.
  10. Give them a good sanding with a low grit to rough up the surface, you need it rough to 'key' the surface properly. With this the primer can properly adhere to the surface, once thats had a few coats you can then smooth it down with a finer wet and dry. Then you can paint and laquer as normal. Just make sure to take your time, lots of thin coats is miles better than a couple of thick ones
  11. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.4047592199248.191843.1565227316&type=1 There's my photo's from the day, got quite a few of the Loop's hanging in the show 'n' shine area Real shame about the Leon, I do hope that everyone involved pulls through okay
  12. Guess who i spotted at Inters! Looking good Ambz
  13. Curtis

    Coventry meet

    Imay drop by in the ibiza one week, provided i don't destroy another set of tyres >.<
  14. This just keeps getting better and better. I don't think i've found a single desicion you've made on this car to be a bad one
  15. This is exactly what I was saying, our man here is just a little better at explaining than myself
  16. get the offending corner stood on an axle stand, and stuff a scissor/suicide jack between the inside of the arch and the wheel lip, just keep winding slowly until you hear a large bang.
  17. Lol, cheers, but look at the sig photo, the cars gone mate XD, i've got loads of leftover bits now that i need rid of lol
  18. Haha there's dozens of topics like this that have been combined into one. Every time that episode is re-run the forum goes wild lol. But yes, I have seen it, and the look on the lads face while he's in the back of the car is priceless!
  19. How have i never seen this, or you! I'm around there all the time XD
  20. Go to amazon, search stickerbomb, and there are two books with 200+ stickers in
  21. Do I win? I do believe there is a video of it somewhere on Youtube, i just really cba to find it XD
  22. If i hadn't just bought the Ibiza I woulda had this... Absolute steal at that price. Just out of interest, would you sell the alloys?
  23. Curtis

    worth it

    i'm struggling to work out what this topic is asking... There are more than 6 arosa's left and there are certainly more than 6 bumpers. If you need replacements, look for models being broken, there's loads on ebay, and you'll get it much cheaper
  24. Forza, only real option tbh mate. Full tuning, amazing car selection and the graphics to boot.
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