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    finding wheels for my car :L

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  1. Managed a whole tank in 100miles was my fault tho.... Flat out down the motorway :L
  2. My old wagon on 13" ats pepperpots with 60profile and fk height sports
  3. Coilovers can be £200 upwards depending if you want it low and handle shoddy or more expensive for both, but I would go black and white if I got a lupo again, have some fun and mod to your own budget and enjoy it.
  4. But coilovers are £££ compared to lupo's and a re-spray is my main priority lol
  5. Abit of teething problems but maby get a 1.8 and supercharge it or just slam and poke not sure :/
  6. I can't stop smiling guys!!! Feel bad for my little Lola tho!! Seen her bouncing down the road and shed a little tier :')
  7. It's the only mx5 that counts it's a monza so 90bhp but needs a really good da polish and maby a respiratory depending on how much paints left!!! As its gone like red does (bland and loosing colour) British racing green ****not a respiratory !! Bloody iPhone respray!**
  8. Well was supposed to pick it up on p/x today but bloody lock need fixing so I'm picking it up Monday now, but it goes like a dream (haven't pushed it yet) other half was in the car and he doesn't like it when I drive fast :L I will miss her but ill prob get a another after the magic wears off so ill be back!!!!!!
  9. http://item.mobileweb.ebay.co.uk/viewitem?itemId=150682499799&index=0&nav=SEARCH&nid=52831649238 Can only use once as they bend.....alot
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