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  1. yep everyone was £2700 - 2900 and my lunch money so when i found £1800 I jumped at it thanks skezza for the post
  2. yep I got monthly aswell, actualy that sounds wrong but you know what I mean
  3. I am 18 years old so its my first car being a 2000 x plate 1.0 Lupo with no mods but everyone quoted me £2600 even with a black box. I was fed up and thought i'd do some searching on old threads and found Ingenie. They quoted me on a saturday afternoon unlike sky and were very helpfull. With the black box I paid £1800 fully comp. Hence Ingenie.com has my vote.
  4. Cheers Guys and thanks Curtis i'm in Bedworth but hope to see you round
  5. Hi, just got my first car. Lupo 1.0 e Blue can't say much more but it needs abit of work on it and ill be looking for guy's breaking one near by. Hope also to be able meet some of you. Cheers Jackmylupo
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