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  1. My bad, I thought all bluemotions were 6 speed to get the economy - I should of read it further rather than just assuming
  2. You'll need a plug n play kit even if you just want audio unless you plan on splicing the connectors yourself. The kit is as it says, plug n play & worth not having the hassle Not much room behind the dash for all the wiring (as I also fitted a MFD to iPhone interface at the same time in place of the CD changer) so I removed the plastic guide the holds the rear of a single DIN stereo in place to give it more room Getting a decent single for the GPS is an issue though if you want it all hidden away, unless to run the length of the cable trough out the dash it won't pick anything up (unless to plan to mount it external on top of the dash)
  3. Nope no straight fit, the AMF engine never had a 6 speed mated in any other VAG model. You need the bell housing to match, however people have manage to adapt a JDD 6-speed from a Polo blue motion http://www.a2oc.net/forum/showthread.php?22012-BlueMotion-Gearbox-(JDD)-fitted-into-1-4-TDI-AMF-engine
  4. Love it, I often wondered if a S3 or TT awd running gear would fit under a Lupo and how much work it would involve
  5. Sorry my mistake Deadmetal, I should it made it clearer than I did for anybody that didn't understand what the real use is for (not just for making a noise on the fast & furious) ,rather than the difference between a dump or recirculating valve as most people assume they are the same thing Better summary would be - Is useds to keep a turbo spinning when changing gear by releasing the built up pressure, otherwise back pressure of the forced air could slow down or even stall the turbine blades A dump value it's pretty **** way of controlling it anyway, as with a recirc at least pass some of the airflows back to inlet side of the turbo I wasn't aware of the cooling issues with a supercharger as Casper pointed out, or that a recirc is still ideally required in this type of setup even though its driven by the crank - learn something new every day.
  6. If you dont have a local breakers yard the try Ebay, just find out the code for your gearbox and do a search (as the gearbox may be common across other vw/seat models)
  7. also its the first time I wash it this year.
  8. Finally, after 2 years sitting in the garage I got around to digging out my 6J teledials and getting some 165/50/15 Bridgestone's fitted. Running 25mm at the rear & 20mm FK pcd adapters on the front (the wheels are 6J with 52.3 offset) In hindsight I think I should of got 25mm on the front as well, as its so low its only 1-2 mm gap between the top of the tire to the inner wing on full lock it can rub a little on full lock (or I could just raise the front a bit as the cheap solution seeing its knocking on the drive shafts on bumpy roads) Also got another garrett turbo from the breakers last week to try and solve my limp mode error ive had since owning the car. Ive replaced all the solenoids & hoses the vag-com reported may be the issue with no solution & the turbo is the last on the list. Think its the waste gate jammed, but noticed its recently weeping a bit of oil so im guessing the bearings are on its last legs anyway
  9. Dump valve isn't needed with a supercharger so strike it off your list, that useds to keep a turbo spinning when changing gear, but as a charger is (normally) belt driven its always spinning & matching the engine revs.
  10. Passed a black Lowered Lupo as I was heading into Yate from Westerleigh around lunchtime today (Sat 31st August)
  11. Passed a gleaming white Lowered Lupo as I was heading into Westerleigh around 9am, this morning (Sat 31st August)
  12. I'm no mechanic but a large jack under the engine to support the weight (a engine crane would be better) and undo the bolts on the mounts (do one mount at a time only) & raise everything up slightly. Underside will be easy, the others may be a pain - I had the whole engine out so they were easy to get to, but if you find there's not enough gap to remove them if you disconnect the drive shafts from the gearbox there shouldl be enough play when raising the engine to change them without disconnecting any thing else
  13. Your picture is a bit too close to gauge the wire thickness, but If you've tried the obvious like a missing ground to the neg on the battery, I think there's another ground that attaches to the starting motor - I would look for a broken connector somewhere as the end you had would of been attached to it
  14. Yep, one on either side of the engine & one underneath the car by the rear of the gearbox/engine
  15. Not a massive amount, I understand the turbo is the crux of the 1.4 tdi as it runs out of puff long before you need to add cold feed or charge cooling/larger intercooler for more bhp
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