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  1. Freed it, but the brakes are making scraping noises, and there is a point where something meets and it sort of brakes it self. Gave up, after trying everything I could think of.. So now it's at a garage
  2. found the wedge lever thing and pushed it up. But. Do I have to take the center hubnut off?
  3. Got the screw out ok But the drum is still stuck on. It turns nicely, so the the shoes aren't locked up right? Or should I still find a wedge/lever inside of one of the holes to free the shoes up? I read something about that in a different thread, but can't understand which part they are talking about Don't think they have been changed since 1999... hehe Any tips or pointers for me? Pulling my hair here. If it's not fixed tonight, I can wave goodbye to my hollyday :/
  4. hihi We actually call the tool "pigdick" or "pigcock" here in Norway I guess you just call it inverted drill or something. English can be so boring sometimes.
  5. I just hope my pigdick is small enough. If I can get just a small part of it into the head, maybe I can pull it out nicely
  6. crap. Broke a wheelbolt, and tried to drill it out with a pigscock(no idea what you call it in England, but thats what its named in Norway ). Basicly, its an inverted drill. But it still turned the correct way and went into the drum brake. Someone has tried to play with the brake before, as the screw holding the drum cover in place is kinda broken. No screw driver can get any grip. If I drill this screw out, will I break the brake? Do I actually need to have the screw there? Or maybe I can use a bigger one? I'm driving from Oslo to Bodø(1260km) tomorrow, and the brake is making so much noice with the broken bolt inside of it. So, hope I manage to fix this today
  7. Before Luckily we got to use my friends dads garage, as it was raining dogs there for a while. My friend helping me. None of us have ever really done something like this before. So we were surprised how easy it actually was. Result. Can go lower on front, but guess they will naturally sink a bit. Can't go lower on the rear :/ Might have to do the new hole mod.
  8. Do you guys think the Lupo would be a nice drifter, if it was rebuilt to rwd? Or is the wheel-base to short? It's sad that VW has hardly any rwd's. I want to get a track-racer. But with rwd, as I want to drift some too And I want a VW. The old beetle is crap
  9. Oil is not going away. I think I need a little flamethrower or something, to burn it off bricks At least my coilovers have been shipped, so they'll be here Friday <3
  10. Thealex

    Koop's Loops

    Your car so pretty, your car so fine, I wish it was mine mine mine!
  11. Thealex


    Be nice to Koop. Or else.
  12. Used cat sand to clean it up. But the driveway is made of some sort of brick/stone, and they are now black brake or clutch cleaner is a good idea. Will have to check Biltema(probably similar to halfords)
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